Power matters: Optimize power quality for the automotive industry

Totally Integrated Power for smooth automotive manufacturing

To be successful, car manufacturers have to be able to assemble thousands of parts in the shortest time possible, at the highest quality thinkable. Increasing competition and customer demands lead to increasingly customized cars, which requires maximum flexibility and availability. In this highly complex industry, decision makers don’t want to focus additionally on power supply – even though power matters. Totally Integrated Power is the customizable and hassle-free solution for power distribution across all voltage levels. This complete portfolio for the automotive industry comprises hard- and software products that ensure the highest power quality while offering all necessary support to help increase energy efficiency. It can be flexibly adapted to all future production processes and integrated into industrial automation systems.

TIP for the automotive industry

Reliable power supply from plant power in-feed to the assembly line

Manufacturing plants which are dimensioned both reliably and appropriately and matched with components which harmonize with each other perfectly present a clear advantage. Correctly calculated systems are characterized by higher levels of availability and efficiency. Damage and failures during operation are avoided. Totally Integrated Power can protect resources better, and at the same time ensure a smooth production in combination with the appropriate automation solutions.

Major challenges for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is a highly competitive business. With globalization and many players around the world, time-to-market is becoming shorter and shorter, models change more quickly, and the degree of customization in automotive manufacturing is increasing. That’s why automotive plants need to run 24/7 and minimize downtime due to maintenance work in order to stay competitive.

Our answer: Totally Integrated Power

Specific solutions for the automotive industry

Maximum flexibility and availability

The automotive industry faces growing demands from global competition and increasingly customized client requests, as well as standards, statutory provisions, and regulations. Meeting these demands requires optimized flexibility and availability. Electric power supply plays an important role in these efforts: Optimum power quality must be ensured at all times so production runs smoothly, to the highest quality standards.

Shorter time-to-market means faster model changes and larger numbers of individual variants

The automotive industry is under constant pressure to offer greater variety, while maintaining the same constant quality, at a minimum. Development and production times have to be shorter and energy efficiency increased. Meeting these demands requires that all components and systems work together optimally. Central to these needs is a consistent, end-to-end yet flexible power supply for automotive production that encompasses every area of manufacturing and is viable into the future.

Increasing complexity in the power grid

In modern grids, the mixture of centralized and decentralized power generation in combination with multiple infeeds calls for a higher degree of power automation in order to balance the renewable infeed and manage changing circumstances in the power supply. The growing automation of power flows expands the amount of data generated - and with the growing amount of data interfaces the risk for cyber attacks is also growing. In order to get the most from your power supply, it is crucial to monitor, control, and manage all available data; generate specific data that helps prepare you for future challenges without compromising in cyber security issues.

Cost pressures call for greater efficiency

Production prices are increasing and the efficient handling of resources is crucial. Energy is a major cost factor that needs to be managed. It is extremely important in the automotive industry to gain full transparency with regard to power consumption at every stage of the manufacturing process in order to save money.

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Successful use of TIP in the automotive industry

The integrated power supply solution TIP is being successfully used in many sectors of the automotive industry. Here are a number of reference projects.   

A complete power supply solution for KIA Motors in Mexico

Hyundai/KIA | Pesquería, Mexico In July 2015, KIA Motors began distributing their cars in Mexico. In addition to establishing a close-knit network of car dealerships in the country’s ten largest cities, KIA also built one of the biggest new plants 10 km from the municipality of Pesqueria in Nuevo Leon. The plant is scheduled to produce 300,000 cars within the first year of service and is the most modern of KIA’s production facilities around the globe. The long-term production capacity planning calls for comprehensive planning and dimensioning in order to be prepared for future expansions. Totally Integrated Power is unique because it provides sophisticated planning, dimensioning, and service as well as high-quality products from a single source.

An energy monitoring system perfectly suited to its automotive supplier

Gestamp | Madrid, Spain Gestamp, a Madrid-based supplier for automotive components with more than 100 production sites in 20 countries, delivers proof for the excellent integration abilities of TIP. One of their plants uses energy efficiency monitoring based on a technical service model that enables the company to collect power consumption data from all consumers directly on-site. The obtained data – around 21 billion data points per plant per year – is analyzed at the Siemens control center in Seville, where Gestamp receives a precise analysis of each user’s power consumption plus immediate suggestions for optimization. Having been convinced by the value-creating potential, Gestamp is planning to implement this solution in other plants.