Power matters: Uptime is crucial for data centers

Totally Integrated Power ensures an especially efficient and reliable power supply to safeguard critical data

Data centers have to protect valuable and critical data around the clock, 365 days a year. While data centers focus on storing and processing data, electrical power is not core business – but it is one of the main cost components and it must ensure availability as close to 100 percent as possible. That’s why power matters. Finding solutions to provide absolutely stable, reliable, and efficient power supply is a crucial factor for the economic operation of data centers. With Totally Integrated Power, Siemens comprises a complete portfolio that enables maximum availability and reliability, tailored towards the specific needs of data centers of any size, while providing outstanding energy efficiency.

TIP for data centers

The direct path to highest performance

For the vast majority of businesses, data centers are critical facilities that face many different challenges. Complex server rooms need secure power supply for cooling units and air conditioning running 24/7. Protecting critical data, ensuring uptime, and availability of service are of equal importance. The Totally Integrated Power portfolio covers the complete load flow including all elements of electricity supply and certified solutions for the safety of operator and equipment, as well as cyber security at the highest level. In addition, an easy connection to automation in buildings enables integration into the building IT system of a data center.

Major challenges for data centers

In today’s data centers, the stakes are high and the challenges manifold. Maximum uptime. Highest efficiency. Full scalability. You’re responsible for delivering it all, and in the most secure environment. We’ve pooled our vast expertise and experience across several disciplines. The result is a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions and global service. You need to reach the highest performance – we can help you get there.

Our answer: Totally Integrated Power

Specific solutions for data centers

Optimal power supply for energy efficiency and maximum availability

The demands on data centers are particularly high: They always have to be available , protect valuable data, and keep that data accessible – all while remaining energy efficient. As a result, it is equally as important for the power supply to keep pace with these requirements and combine maximum performance with efficient consumption values.

Maximum uptime and energy efficiency

Data centers face tremendous challenges to minimize downtime and maximize reliability. Stable and available power must be ensured in order to protect critical data.

Flexible growth thanks to modularity

Modularity is a key element allowing the structure of data centers to grow and change over time. Power supply systems have to meet this challenge with little technical, economical and time-consuming effort.

Optimum power flow

Data centers are subject to dynamic development. When done correctly, the end result is reliable electrification and an intelligent, flexible power supply system which assures an uninterrupted power flow – from infeed to consumption.

Seamless integration

As automation and digitalization increase, reliance on big data is even more essential. At the heart of it all: the data center, vital for consolidating all necessary information to keep industries, infrastructures, and buildings running.

Lifecycle partners for success

Data Center operators are looking for a long-term partner with sound technical expertise and global presence for improved system planning and higher efficiency.

Our TIP offerings in depth


Successful use of TIP in data centers

TIP is an integrated power supply solution that is being successfully used in data centers around the world. Learn more in the following reference project.  

“Cool technology” for the most energy-efficient data center in the world

Eni S.p.A. | Ferrera Erbognone, Italy The Italian energy company Eni, a major integrated energy company operating worldwide, constructed a new data center in Ferrera Erbognone, Italy. The challenges to face were high cooling requirements in combination with ensuring low energy consumption and an uninterrupted power supply. In addition to enabling the data center’s ecofriendly performance and efficiency, all systems were handed over on time as a turnkey solution. The new data center operates with a significantly low power consumption and just a very small environmental footprint. Siemens supported building one of the world’s leading data centers in terms of energy efficiency. It saves about 335,400 tons of CO₂ emissions every year, a figure that corresponds to 1 % of the savings Italy is attempting to achieve by the year 2020 in line with the Kyoto Protocol.