Power solutions for twenty-first-century mines

Maximum reliability and cost efficiency

Mining operations require safe and reliable power supply under challenging circumstances. To meet productivity goals, conveyor belts, crusher, mills and float lines must operate continually. Every mine’s operations need specific power protection and automation solutions. Siemens Totally Integrated Power (TIP) takes a comprehensive view of mining electrification and covers all aspects from generation to utility infeed, through medium-voltage distribution, to end use. All supported across the entire lifecycle, seamlessly linked with automation and digitalization. TIP means dependable, safe, single-source mining solutions – viable long into the future requirements of this industry.

TIP for the mining industry

Power supply for unusually harsh environments

Diminishing productivity, harsh climates, remote sites, rising energy costs and water scarcity are just some of the challenges the mining industry faces every day. The ever-growing market demands require a solution enabling the perfect interaction of all assets during extraction, transportation and beneficiation. As a trusted mining partner, we help customers to meet their challenges and thereby enable them to set new benchmarks within their fields.

Major challenges for mining

Safety and availability are essential in the mining industry – the extraction of valuable materials should, ideally, continue without interruption to ensure that operations in mainly inhospitable regions around the world will pay off. The power supply plays a key role in this regard: it has to be safe and reliable, as well as efficient and flexible.

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Specific solutions for the mining industry

Safety and efficiency are key demands on the power supply

The mining industry works mainly under extremely difficult conditions that involve a high risk of danger to humans and machines. The power supply is therefore subject to maximum safety precautions, since it has to operate with maximum reliability and safety. There are also increased demands in terms of energy efficiency. A solution must go beyond proven, integrated products: it also requires a precise understanding of the mining industry.

Reliable and flexible power supply solutions in harsh environments

As mining sites are often based on remote locations, they require a reliable and flexible power supply, highly resistant to environmental effects such as humidity, saline air, dust, and often seismic conditions.

Safe and stable power supply for the mining industry

The performance and efficiency of any mining operation depends on its electrification. Without a secure and stable power supply, it is impossible to run a successful mining operation.

Consistent solution

The production process for the mining industry is very complex. For a functioning power supply all applications have to smoothly fit together through optimized interfaces.

Personnel and operational safety

The continuous and efficient power supply is very important for all mining operations, particularly those in which power failures may affect the safety of personnel and material.

Business understanding

For a smooth electrification within the production process, a competent long-term partner with in-depth knowledge of the operator’s needs and processes is essential.

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Successful use of TIP in the mining industry

TIP is an integrated power supply solution that is being successfully used in the mining industry around the world. Learn more in the following reference project.  

Complete power supply solution for coal mine and seaport in Mozambique

Nacala Corridor Project / CLN | Nacala-a-Velha, Mozambique The Nacala Corridor infrastructure project in Mozambique includes the seaport Nacala-a-Velha and the 912 km-long railroad to a coalmine in Moatize. Despite the tight timeframe and difficult transportation infrastructure in this part of Africa, the project was completed on time and within budget. The port was fitted with a complete container solution in five prefabricated e-houses, comprising transformers, medium- and low-voltage switchgear, and the appropriate motor control center for the power supply and drive control for the conveyor systems.  The e-houses can be transported to a different location and re-used if, for example, a mine is closed,. Siemens also took the prevailing environmental conditions in the area into account. Overpressure within the e-houses prevents penetration by coal dust and deposits from the salty sea air. This highly efficient power supply solution enabled the port infrastructure to begin operations as planned.