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Digitalization is already taking hold in many industries, based on the Digital Enterprise Suite from Siemens, the Digital Twin, and interdisciplinary work on a foundation of standardized data management. Add in advances in automation, and you can see it’s vital to stay fully up-to-date and turn new opportunities into new successes. With courses from SITRAIN – Digital Industry Academy, tailored to your individual training needs.

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Training for the digital transformation

A faster time-to-market and an ability to respond more flexibly to changes are now more crucial than ever.

With SITRAIN you’ll learn how to master this complexity and turn it into a benefit for your business. Step by step, the SITRAIN training courses will support your digital transformation. In the SITRAIN courses you’ll learn how to cut the commissioning of real machines by up to 70 percent, minimize your costs and risks, avoid unplanned machine downtimes, and identify mechanical problems and software errors at an early stage.


Get ready for the working environment of the 21st century

A sophisticated range of courses with modules that build on each other will quickly take you to a new level of knowledge. Enjoy the support of certified trainers with practical experience as you build up your individual knowledge.
The course "Virtual commissioning with machines" brought the future of automation closer to me than ever before! The complete panoramic view of the topic and above all the practical exercises on the theory conveyed provide security during application and later during use in practice.
Gerhard Switalski, DI-VIRTCOM course participant, Nuremberg

Discover the path to your own Digital Twin. Gain the technical and digital expertise you need from the courses in the three modules on “Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) in the Digital Enterprise.”

Virtual commissioning

SITRAIN course: Virtual Commissioning for Machines

This course provides you with an overview of the interaction among the various software packages such as NX, MCD, TIA Portal, PLCSIM Advanced and SIMIT.

Automatic code generation

SITRAIN course: Automatic execution of engineering tasks

This course gives you an overview of Totally Integrated Automation in the Digital Enterprise as your way towards Industry 4.0 and an overview about the interaction of the various software packages, so that you will be able to assess them after completing the course.

Basics and advanced courses

Further courses on Openness, SIMIT, OPC UA and SiVArc.

SITRAIN experts have a wealth of digitalization and industry know-how to enable them to advise, support, and train customers on their path to the digital enterprise.

Virtual commissioning

SITRAIN course: SIMATIC PCS 7 Integrated Engineering and Simulation

Automatic code generation

SITRAIN course: SIMATIC PCS 7 Plant Automation Accelerator Workshop for beginners

Basics and consolidation courses

Further courses on Industrial Security and SIMIT.

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