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SITRAIN access

SITRAIN access is the digital learning offer of Siemens AG with content around automation and drive technology. 


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You can find the available learning content here:


Select “SITRAIN access” under "Browse" on the left to see the categories and the courses.

To access SITRAIN access you need a subscription. SITRAIN access is currently only available in selected countries. To find out if SITRAIN access is available in your country, please visit our SITRAIN country selector. The link at your country takes you directly to the booking page. Please note that the entire booking and activation process may take several business days.

Enjoy interactive, web-based courses, hands-on exercises, a learning community, and more.


An up-to-date description of the scope of your subscription is available on your local SITRAIN website. 

Yes, a distinction is made between learners and managers. Both roles require a subscription. The main difference is that managers can manage their employees' learning offerings (e.g. assign courses).

No. A subscription is basically a personal access for one year.

No, a SITRAIN access subscription is personalized and non-transferable.


No. SITRAIN access is a personalized learning offer. Sharing your subscription with another person is not permitted for legal reasons (terms of use, data protection).

A subscription lasts one year.

The price of an annual subscription can be found on the SITRAIN access booking page of your respective country. This site can be found via the SITRAIN country selector.


Payment methods are different for each country. Please check the payment options with your local SITRAIN contact.

Every user can see every other user and their name and use the community functions.

Closed groups for companies, for internal exchange, can be set up on request.

For an easy start to SITRAIN access, we present the most important functions in this video.

Please contact our support .