Digital twins of machine tools 

Digital twins optimize processes throughout the entire machine lifecycle

Digital twins of machine tools play a major part in optimizing the machine manufacturer's engineering processes. This is because the digital twin in the automation environment makes it possible to execute process steps in parallel, as opposed to consecutively, as used to be the case. Digital twins also improve processes while the machine is in operation, whether as a digital twin during machining or as a digital twin providing real-time collision protection.

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The digital twin in automation

Reducing machine engineering and commissioning times while increasing quality

The TIA Portal represents the core component of a seamless digital engineering process. The data from the TIA Portal form the basis for the digital twin. The digital twin in automation – the digital image of the control system, the machine response and the kinematics – offers the chance to test and commission configurations from the TIA Portal in a virtual setting.
The digital twin in machining

Generating and checking NC programs offline - using Run MyVirtual Machine

Thanks to Run MyVirtual Machine – the digital twin of SINUMERIK ONE for machining – NC programs can be programmed and checked offline without needing to use a real machine. Programming, job preparation and process optimization are therefore performed virtually.
Therefore, for us, the prerequisite is to receive a digital twin for each machine in advance.
Peter Leupert, Head of work preparation, Siemens Electric Motor Factory in Bad Neustadt
The digital twin in production

Real-time collision protection for machine tools

Machine tool collisions are extremely costly and time-consuming. A collision not only damages a machine, it can also jeopardize production order deadlines.

Tip: If you are already using the digital twin for machining – Run MyVirtual Machine – you can simply import the job setup in Protect MyMachine /3D Twin and reuse it.

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