Charging Solutions for Enterprise

Charging Solutions for Enterprise

Make sustainability part of your everyday operations – with electromobility.
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eMobility for your enterprise – simple and easy

Developing your business further with new technologies is of utmost importance for a dynamic enterprise - as is sustainability. A solution to make it real is ready at hand: turn your fleet electric, backed by a reliable, scalable, open and modular charging infrastructure. Starting small or getting it big upfront – we are there to support you in every step of building, operating and maintaining your enterprise charging solution. Seize the full potential of your own charging infrastructure and make your electric fleet truly mobile, with charging opportunities wherever you need them.
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Successful enterprise fleet electrification with the right partner

As an enterprise, you can actively do something against climate change. We would like to support you on this path - from intelligent planning to the right hardware for charging electric vehicles and their integration into the power grid and your IT landscape to the maintenance of the systems in operation.
Intelligent planning

Start small or big: full-scale support in thinking ahead

We’re not saying building your enterprise charging infrastructure is a piece of cake – but we do have the right recipes to make it that much easier for you. With intelligent consulting and planning for starters. This ensures proper scaling and integration into your building management system. And with the right charging hardware, along with reliable switchboards and busbar trunking systems for proper power distribution. With everything you need to scale up, and the security of a reliable partner at your side with the right ideas for today and tomorrow.
Right charging infrastructure

The right hardware portfolio to energize your eMobility

Powerful, reliable, future-proof: our product families – from charging infrastructure SICHARGE CC AC 22, VersiCharge, SICHARGE D to power supply with SIVACON 8PS – create the right hardware basis for your success and can be easily integrated into any electric charging concept at any of your locations.

Powergrid connection – robust, reliable, for all your needs

The basis for your enterprise charging is a robust and reliable grid access with MV switchgear, transformer, and LV distribution. The Siemens portfolio has proven itself here over many years in operation - as has our partnership and excellent consulting on the integration of renewable energies (photovoltaics) for direct supply or battery storage for buffer purposes and second-life battery use, which raises your enterprise to the next level of sustainability.


The right busbar trunking system for every supply task, with superior performance in every respect – the innovative alternative to cable connections: economical, efficient, flexible and safe, and prepared for digitalization with integrated powerline technology.

Digital solutions

Your infrastructure and fleet in good hands – you manage, we operate

You have already made the crucial decision of electrifying your fleet and to build up the necessary infrastructure. How can you make sure that your electric charging infrastructure works smoothly and efficiently and your fleet can charge wherever and whenever they need to? We are there at your side to provide all this to you.
Load Management

Smart management of charging power

considering chargers, vehicles and site

conditions. Ensures best use of existing

grid connection.

Accounting and billing

Charging costs are directly transferred

to internal cost centers, or billed via

payroll to the respective driver. Ensures

an effortless accounting process.

Card and access management

RFID cards provided by Siemens control

the access to your chargers. Ensures

easy maintenance of cards and related


Personalized RFID card

RFID cards provided by Siemens allow

access to a wide network of public

charging stations.

One contract, one bill

One combined bill summarizes all

charging activities of a driver, wherever

he charges. Ensuring cost effectiveness

by using local optimized tariffs for your

fleet drivers.

Driver toolset

The mobile App Enterprise Charging

Network ensures that drivers navigate

easily to the charging station and

supports their charging process.

Invite public

Charging infrastructure can be made

public and is visible in relevant

eMobility plattforms. 3rd party drivers

are able to charge and the billing is

controlled by roaming mechanisms.

Home charging

Corporate fleet drivers enjoy the ease of charging also at home with a Siemens charging station and dedicated cost handling.

Operation & reporting

Comprehensive monitoring & reporting

of your chargers and charging cylces.

Ensures full transparency and high


Your benefits

A comprehensive solution for all enterprise electrification needs

Open, Modular, Scalable!

Your needs are individual? No worries,

our Hardware & Solutions can handle it! And the best thing: They can grow with you.

One stop service.

We support your whole electrification

journey. Our All-in-One Service:

Lay back and we take care.

Fully energized.

Want to be a super hero - taking full control of energy? Our End2End Energy solutions make it possible.

Simply charge everywhere.

No matter where you need to charge: at work, on the road or at home. You need just one ID to access all of them.

Charge & drive green.

Benefit from our sustainable and

renewable energy solutions. Setting

your green footprint can be so easy!

One card. One bill.

Wherever you charge, it’s just one bill. Save money with our local cost optimized tariffs based on your needs.