Simply charge everywhere

Fleet Charging Management
Make your fleet truly mobile

Get electromobility on the road

As an enterprise with an electric fleet, you have to make sure that your drivers can use their vehicles over longer distances. With our Fleet Charging Management service, your company cars can charge on the road – simply and easily.
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Electrify your fleet: Let’s do this together

Simply charge everywhere

Electrifying your fleets also means charging them

For electromobility to become a concept with real benefits for your fleet, you need to enable your drivers to charge their vehicles anywhere with no special effort and without having to deal with different registration or billing procedures.
One card. One app.

Your access to one of Europe‘s largest charging networks

With “One card. One app.” drivers in your fleet can easily authenticate at the charging stations at your locations and charge your vehicles, just as they would at their home location. But thanks to the size of the network, they can also charge at numerous public charging points at home and abroad. The network offers more than 190,000 charging stations in 21 European countries and enables electromobility across borders.
Driver’s convenience

The Enterprise Charging Network app for on-the-road support

Imagine an app that works just like a satnav for electromobility users: locating an available charging point in the vicinity or at your destination, checking its status (used/unused), directing you there, and even authenticating you for charging and billing. Well, here it is!
Charging on your premises made simple and easy

Convenience and peace of mind for you and for your drivers