Sinorix al-deco STD (EN)

Sinorix al-deco STD (EN)

Safe object protection system for machine tools

Machine tools with non-hydrous coolants and high cutting velocities hold a higher risk of fire. In case of a fire incident in such a machine the whole production site is at risk. In the event of a fire, valuable machines and infrastructure can be severely damaged. Even worse are the considerable economical disadvantages such as downtimes and thus delivery failures which lead to severe damage on the image or even to the loss of customers. These consequences cannot be insured and might result in a total loss of business at worst. This is why Siemens offers the intelligent object protection system Sinorix al-deco STD which uncompromisingly protects your equipment. And as Sinorix al-deco STD ensures all-around protection, you can put your mind at ease.

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About Sinorix al-deco STD

Object protection systems create perfect places

Object protection system for machine tools offering reliable fire detection and extinguishing without needing an electrical source as well as online monitoring, and automatic recording of all security-relevant functions.


  • Solution tailored to the risks of fire

  • Highest operating safety as no electrical source is needed

  • Effective fire protection with a patented fire sensor

  • Online monitoring and activation of an alarm in case of a fire incident

  • Comprehensive monitoring with recording of security-relevant data

  • Availability of the data via USB interface

  • Possibility of reinstatement through the operator after a fire incident

  • Maintenance appropriate to the operation

  • Insensitive to all kinds of technical interferences

  • Safety through CE conformity and TÜV testing

System overview

The object protection system Sinorix™ al-deco STD detects fire and activates the extinguishing process based on pneumatic functions. Therefore, the system is insensitive to all kinds of technical interferences and it is able to detect and extinguish a fire without needing an electrical source. For this, a detection line is laid out within a machine tool. The so-called fire sensor Lifdes™ (Linear fire detection source) acts like a linear sensor, is permanently under pressure, and bursts as soon as its ambient temperature rises above 110 °C. The cylinder valve is activated by a drop of pressure. To ensure comprehensive monitoring, all security-relevant functions are monitored online and incidents are indicated acoustically and optically. These functions as well as the operating data are automatically recorded in a long-term memory and can be read out via a USB interface. Thus, events can be easily reconstructed after an incident and liability issues clarified without doubt. The need for maintenance is electronically displayed and can be carried out according to your operating schedule.

Technical overview



The USB interface allows communication with a PC through the included software. Thereby all recorded data can be read out.


- The system has been tested and certified according to the Type Test AISF-22-05-110 of the TÜV, Technische Überwachung Hessen GmbH (CE 0091).
- The quantity calculation of the extinguishing agent is carried out according to the VdS 2093 directive.
- The system has been constructed and installed based on DIN 14497 for small extinguishing systems.
- The system fulfills the regulations of the Employers`Liability Insurance Association (Berufsgenossenschaftliche Regeln) BGR 134.
- Maintenance takes place in accordance with DIN 14406 Part 4 Maintenance.

Typical applications

Machine tools


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