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What is digitalization?

Digitalization is the key lever that will enable companies to remain competitive into the future. This applies both to smaller operations and to major companies that are active around the world. Increasingly shorter innovation cycles mean that industrial enterprises constantly need to shorten their development and production times. This requires seamless integration of data along the value chain, from the idea of a product to the real product to service. Making use of the opportunities provided by digitalization to respond faster and more flexibly to customer requirements will provide an advantage on the market. So that means the best time to enter the digital era is right now.

Connect, report, monitor, analyze, optimize and orchestrate your assets and operations for maximum results


The MAC Toolbox is a suite of data analytics services offered by MAC Saudi Arabia to our customers, to help them on their journeys toward becoming digital enterprises and organizations. Our customers are domain experts. Siemens complements them with digital experts. Our core objective is the business success of our customers. We invite government entities, investment funds, industry, the private sector, universities and training center to work collaboratively with us.

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The MindSphere Application Center in Saudi Arabia

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