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Microgrids – power generation made smart. Microgrids are a reliable alternative wherever a stable power supply is needed. Siemens can leverage its comprehensive microgrid portfolio and tackle challenges throughout the entire system.
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Microgrids – right on trend

Efficient, resilient, and sustainable distributed energy systems

Two major trends are driving the transformation of the energy world: digitalization and the shift from centralized unidirectional to distributed energy systems. These trends as well as prosumers’ needs are driving the development of microgrids.

Always an intelligent solution

Microgrids contain all the elements of complex energy systems, they maintain the balance between generation and consumption, and they can operate on and/or off grid. They are ideal for supplying power to remote or poorly developed regions with no connection to a public network. In addition, more and more industrial operators are using microgrids to produce the electricity they need cost-effectively, sustainably, and reliably.

Microgrids use a variety of energy sources, including photovoltaic and wind-power plants as well as small hydro-power and biomass-power plants. Biodiesel generators and emergency power units, storage modules, and intelligent control systems ensure the security of supply.

Siemens provides a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, and services to help build and operate microgrids of any size. They provide generation and distribution of electrical energy as well as monitoring and controlling of microgrids.

Benefits at a glance

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Island grid and resynchronizing – Black start – Controlling and optimizing the operation of an island grid: Watch our three trailers, and find out how our microgrid solutions stand the test on location.

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Mastering all challenges

One offering for distributed energy systems

To integrate distributed energy systems (DES), we support you in several steps to reach the most efficient system. Define and simulate, integrate the right controller, monitor and improve the system. Several portfolio elements helps you create a microgrid solution that meets your requirements perfectly.

We will work with you to design and deliver a comprehensive, and integrated microgrid solution for your energy infrastructure project. Our proven expertise with complex decentralized energy sources, leading control systems, and transmission and distribution systems, along with our suite of services, make us an ideal partner for stakeholders.

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Microgrids operating successfully – worldwide

All over the world, organizations and communities with a need for dependable energy are looking to the microgrid as an efficient, powerful, and ingenious solution. Advanced Siemens technology can contribute significantly to their successful operation. Here are some examples.


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