Siemens Competence Group

– We Make Future of Automation & Digitalization Work
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Competence Group is about networking, get information including others experience, learn upcoming themes with continuity, in the area of

– Future of Automation and Digitalization more practical

For who is the Competence Group aimed for?

  • Users of production equipment and industrial system
  • OEM / Line builders of production equipment or industrial systems
  • Integrators of production equipment or industrial systems
  • Education organizations, see more about Siemens comprehensive support for educators and students

What are we doing within the Competence Group?

  • We always have continuity in what we are doing, most common is that we introduce a theme at a physical meeting and has continuity via web meetings and hands-on workshops/trainings
  • We are offering;
    Practical information and showing Siemens comprehensive offerings within Future of Automation &       Digitalization via physical meetings and web meetings.
    Try out, workshops, trainings in Siemens solutions that not is that easy to find in other forum.
  • We share, learn and find new important themes together
  • You as a member will receive what we have done, for example recorded web meetings, so you are up to date, independent of when joining the Competence Group
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Next Event: Manage Your Enterprise Risks

Day 1: Monday the 7:th of September 2020, 12:00 start with lunch ends with dinner 

Day 2: Tuesday the 8:th of September 2020, Starts 08:00 and ends after lunch. Lunch from 12:00


Who participate which day? 
Day 1: C-level, strategic and operative disciplines 

Day 2: Operative disciplines


Where: Siemens in Solna, Arenastaden