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– We Make Future of Automation & Digitalization Work
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Competence Group is about networking, get information including others experiences, learn upcoming themes with continuity in the area of:

Future of Automation and Digitalization more practical

For who is the Competence Group aimed for?

  • Users of production equipment and industrial system
  • OEM / Line builders of production equipment or industrial systems
  • Integrators of production equipment or industrial systems
  • Education organizations, see more about Siemens comprehensive support for educators and students
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What are we doing within the Competence Group?

  • We always have continuity in what we are doing, most common is that we introduce a theme at a physical meeting and has continuity via web meetings and hands-on workshops/trainings
  • We are offering;
    Practical information and showing Siemens comprehensive offerings within Future of Automation & Digitalization via physical meetings and web meetings.
    Try out, workshops, trainings in Siemens solutions that not is that easy to find in other forum.
  • We share, learn and find new important themes together
  • You as a member will receive what we have done, for example recorded web meetings, so you are up to date, independent of when joining the Competence Group

Software safety and functional safety - Now & Beyond

New theme over a long period of time.

Workshops and trainings within the Competence Group - we train as we work and work as we train

Software safety and functional safety within the greatest practical risk reduction process – Now & Beyond

From safety first to safety always and software safety ensurance and assurance – now, to be prepared for the future

Simulation for design, test, optimization, functional tests and acceptance test


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All participants (members and non-members) are welcome to register to the workshops and trainings completing the form below. If you haven't decided weather you want to participate, then please leave your interest inquiry and we will contact you soon.