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Benefits and more

Knowledge sharing and practical training across industries

Since 2017, our members are the core of our community and shape how we learn, develop and share with each other. We welcome industries coming together, ranging from manufacturers, end-users, integrators, educators, and students to network, share insights and gain practical experience about the benefits of smarter operations with automation and digitalization. Together with Siemens and our experts, we explore new business models and opportunities and apply automation and digitalization to production equipment, from standalone to production lines, with a lifecycle perspective.

Membership benefits 

  • Participate in and network at an annual in-person forum with experts from Siemens Sweden and Siemens Head Quarters to present the latest product news. Members share recent use cases and applications. The format is presentations and break-out sessions.
  • Invitations to short webinars based on different topics held by the source/owner of the relevant subject.
  • Access the database of the on-demand version of previous webinars.
  • 50 % discount for a single participant or two participants for the price of one at practical workshops.

Become a member and annual fee

We welcome new members continuously. Individual membership is registered to the company where you are employed. The annual membership fee is 10,000 SEK per company and includes a maximum of 10 members from the same company. To participate in training workshops, there is an additional cost.


Already a member?

Thank you for being part of our community! Renewal of membership and fees are based on the calendar year. Do you have a colleague that might be interested in joining? Please let us know at


Register to Siemens Competence Group

All participants (members and non-members) are welcome to register to the workshops and trainings completing the form below. If you haven't decided weather you want to participate, then please leave your interest inquiry and we will contact you.