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Software safety and functional safety - Now & Beyond

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New Machinery Regulation I Risk - Artificiell Intelligens I Functional Safety - Artificiell Intelligens

Short info about the webinar:

# Actual status at activities and strategy from  European Commission and “A European Strategy for Artificial Intelligence”,  and ”new Machinery Regulation” 


# Actual status at Technical Reports and Standards within  I Risk - Artificiell Intelligens I Functional Safety - Artificiell Intelligens I


>> Very important that you involved your management in this important journey within the safety domain – as Ethics, Risk Management – Functional Safety Management will play a fundamental role when use AI!

When: 2021-06-28, 08:15 – 08:45

Web meetings held

Safety Programming

Stop 4, part 1 I Safety Programming in TIA Portal I  Safety Library including - I Mobile Panel I RFID I Application Examples I News ET 200 F I/0

When: 2021-05-06, 15:00 – 15:45


Stop 4, part 2 I Safety & Motion Control I

When: 2021-06-09, 15:00 – 15:45

Training @ stop 3.5 Test I Risk-, Safety-, Functional Safety Management 

En säkerhetskultur skapas top-down, och grundaren av Siemens gick i täten för 140 år sedan, vad gäller för vår verksamhet på Siemens. Vi har alla något att förvalta och kontinuerligt utveckla i våra verksamheter – för att säkerställa kontinuitet!

När i tiden ligger Träningstillfällena?

Tillfälle 1: 2021-03-25, torsdag v12, kl 08:00 - 11:30

Tillfälle 2: 2021-04-09, fredag v14, kl 08:00 - 11:30

NEW - addititional training in English, 3:rd occasion 2021-04-29, 08:00 – 11:30

Test: Testet kommer att genomföras efter träningen och tidpunkten för det tar vi med respektive företag

Hur: Via Teams

Vilka deltar: Vi tränas som ett team, testas som ett team och bedriver verksamhet som ett team

Anmälan: Till anmäler ni:

- Vilka roller ni deltar med

- Antal av de olika rollerna

- Totalt antal deltagare

- Email adress till de som ska  bjudas in
Ni som redan har gjort anmälan:

- Ni får inbjudan till båda eventen så avgör ni när det passar vem i organisationen

Stop & Hold at 3.5 I Training and test for strategic and operative disciplines to be able to continue the journey

We will inform about the training and the test @12 minutes according to below

  • Thursday February 25:th, 07:40 – 07:52
  • Tuesday Mars 2:nd, 07:40 – 07:52
  • Thursday Mars 11:th, 07:40 – 07:52


Please use the “Contact us” above to continue the journey within the theme “Software safety and functional safety - Now & Beyond” as a part of the Competence Group

Stop 3 I Effective & Time Saving Selection of Hardware/Safety Components  Date 2021-02-11

Welcome to Step 3 in our journey within our long term theme: “Software safety and functional safety - Now & Beyond”


TIA Selection Tool – quick, easy, smart configuration

Do you always need the optimum configuration for planning your project? Of course you do! For your application we offer the TIA Selection Tool to support all project planners, beginners and experts alike. No detailed portfolio knowledge is necessary. TIA Selection Tool is available for download as a free desktop version or a cloud variant.


Safety Evaluation Tool – Now Implemented in TIA Selection Tool

Safety Evaluation Tool provides neutral VDMA 66413 data interface

Universal data base for safety-related characteristic values. The Safety Evaluation Tool makes it possible to import characteristic values from other manufacturers and use them for calculation

Practical risk reduction factor # 1 Safety & Risk assessment, 2021-01-28


Limits, Technical & User
Hazard identification

Risk estimation
Risk evaluation
Risk reduction

Useful tools


FSM (Functional Safety Management)
SRS (Safety requirements specification)

TIA Portal


Introduction, date: 2020-12-17

  • Greatest practical risk reduction / system safety.
  • Designer & User perspective
    by Sweden


  • Safety part within greatest practical risk reduction / system safety
  • (Safety) Consulting
    by Siemens Germany

Safety software assurance towards software, safety ensurance and assurance




Safety software within greatest practical safety risk  reduction, for machinery and maybe general approach for all systems?                                                                                                   

//Siemens and AFRY


Use cases


1) Limited software safety assurance can have great impact of business and Revilio will inform about the Boeing's 737 MAX cases where

    - careless handling of safety analyzes

    - a stressed production rate

    - deficient risk assessment of small program lines

    >> lead to a devastating business impact.


2) Example of practical handling of safety functional aspects/safety software such as parametrization software and logic in combination with hardware failures and electrical design

     in production lines at; line- , zon- , machine- , function- , subsystem-, element level



How to learn?


Activities with the Competence group for : safety software assurance towards software, safety ensurance and assurance