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Tecnomatix Plant Simulation with automation

Date and time: 2020-12-14, 14:00-14:45

Production simulation and optimization – an introduction to Plant Simulation

Learn how Siemens Plant Simulation can simulate weeks of production or logistics in just minutes and provide insights on important KPIs. Quickly run different scenarios to get accurate and convincing decision support.


The session will demonstrate the value of simulation and describe usage areas and software features, like the new autonomous AGV, but it will also include experience on running a typical simulation project.


Plant Simulation is ideal for plant level simulation of complex manufacturing, logistics or warehousing, where the focus is on evaluating multiple alternatives before taking decisions. The typical users are production engineers, but in the next session, part 2, we will show how the model can be re-used by automation engineers to connect to SIMIT or PLCSim Advanced and validate the PLC code.


The presenter will be Johan Nordling, who has 25+ years of experience with digital manufacturing simulation and was part of starting up the Swedish Tecnomatix operation in the late 90’s. 

Date and time: 2021-01-25, 15:00-15:45 

Production and Automation engineering collaboration

Learn how the simulation model created by the production engineer in the early phases can be re-used by the automation engineer in order to provide both valuable input and a digital twin to validate the PLC code.


We will demonstrate how Plant Simulation can connect to SIMIT, import all the signals and then connect them to the behavior of the simulation model. Now the effects of the SIMIT simulation can be viewed live in 3D. The dynamic behavior from the Plant Simulation model will also send accurate signals back to SIMIT creating realistic test scenarios.


It is also possible to connect directly to the real or virtual PLC via PLCSim Advanced or OPC UA.


The presenter will be Johan Nordling, who has 25+ years of experience with digital manufacturing simulation and was part of starting up the Swedish Tecnomatix operation in the late 90’s. 

What has been handled up to now?

  • SIMIT - Contec Library for Logistics and Conveyer in Simit Framework
  • SIMIT – NX MCD – Kinematics & Safe Kinematics
  • Modelica FMI FMU -> SIMIT Robot in MCD , Motor Sizing
    FLOWNET library and application example winding, cylinder position, press
    PN communication between controllers, standard/safety, Flying Saw
  •  Information about test Simulation in Cloud and show the environment
  • Central storage for simulation software licenses – license server concept
  • Technology Object Kinematics  + Simatic Robot Integrator + Robot Simulation with detailed CAD and Multi-CAD support
    (VRC’s - SIMIT - NX MCD
  • A teaser  for future of the physical meeting
    "Manage your enterprise risks"
  • Tecnomatix Process Simulate
    Position of Process Simulate into Tecnomatix Manufacturing Portfolio Part 1 of 2 done
  • News Simatic Safety Integrated & Safe Kinematics v2
  • Virtual Training Solutions
    Innovative training solutions inclusive organizational  measures such as certifications to plan work
  • Increase Automation, Motion, Safety - Power and Quality – by Simulation and Virtual Acceptance Tests  – with position of NX MCD & MCD Player – & process automation
    - News in the solution with simulation of; automation, motion control, safety, media and position of work flow with NX MCD & MCD Player and workflows
    - PLCSIM advanced v3 – SIMIT 10.2 – NX MCD & MCD Player 1934
  • Introduction of process applications with FLOWNET CHEM BASIC with TIA Portal
  • Process Simulate part 2 of 2
    News in Tecnomatics Process Simulate 15.2 and 16.
    - Education Learning - How to attract the younger generation to work with automation
    - Which offerings doe’s Siemens have
    - Which themes is aprt of automation 2020 and beyond
    - How learn simulation as teachers?

Software safety and functional safety - Now & Beyond

New theme over a long period of time.