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Ökad ändamålsenlighet i processindustrin - för Simatic S7-1500 styrda utrustningar

När: vi uppdaterar sidan löpande. Håll utkik för mer information om datum och tid.


VI går igenom följande: Module Type Package (MTP) är en standardiserad icke-proprietär beskrivning utav moduler för process automation.

Den nya standarden möjliggör att flytta centraliserad storskalig automation till modulbaserad och decentraliserad styrning,

Via OPC UA orkestreras MTP-paketen i Process Orchestration Layer (POL) som i sin tur gör att operatör/driftpersonal har samma operatörsgränssnitt oberoende utav vilket fabrikats MTP som importerats.


Här hos Siemens så har vårat senaste DCS-system SIMATIC PCS neo stöd för MTP import och kan därför användas som POL.

För att göra skapandet utav MTP-paket så enkelt som möjligt så har Siemens släpps MTP-library

MTP-library är APL(Advanced Process Library) för TIA-Portal med samma programmerings block som i PCS 7 och PCS neo, och samma ”look and feel” på HMI objekt och faceplates som i PCS neo. Detta medför inte bara att S7-1500 program blir MTP kompatibla utan att i stort sett samma typkretsar kan användas som i det större DCS systemet.

When: September 16th,14:00-15:00


Member information:

Earlier in our webinar series about simulation and virtual commissioning  AFRY has described their journey up to now.


Within the Competence Group Volvo Cars and Mathias Sundbäck, I  Subject Matter Expert (SME) Virtual Manufacturing  I  Central   I - has described Volvo Cars virtual manufacturing engineering since early 2000, up to today be their quest for the perfect ramp-up.


Find out more about the upcoming webinar - Midroc Automation

Over the last few years, Midroc Automation has increasingly been using simulation of equipment and physical processes in automation deliveries, in cooperation with Siemens using the SIMIT platform. Recently, the decision was made to use simulation as a default tool in deliveries by Midroc Automation and this has highlighted how both benefits and requirements of simulation can vary between different projects and different types of industries.


Rickard Fransén will present how simulations for projects in the automotive industry have been built very efficiently, and how this enables a quality control which provides a new level of assuredness, for both project participants and the purchaser, when new systems are integrated into existing production lines with tight deadlines.


Viktor Lönnroth started at Midroc with designing the simulation of two large deliveries for the process industry. Later he chose to write his master thesis at the royal institute of technology (KTH) as a study of how simulation can be used to decrease risk and improve quality in automation system deliveries, including an investigation into the price of simulation and what considerations must be made when using simulation in an automation project.


Åsa Hansson, CTO at Midroc, will tell of her experience using SIMIT for deliveries across the globe, where it is quite simply not possible to wait until commissioning at the site for more detailed testing of the system deliveries, and onto the policy decision to use simulation in all Midroc automation deliveries starting 2022.

Automation i kombination med produktionsteknik och det digital arbetsflödet

När: TBD


Tidigare har vi i två seminarier beskrivit Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, även tillsammans med automation med TIA Portal & SIMIT

  • Nu kommer vi att beskriva det digitala arbetsflödet där verksamheter inom automation och integrering av maskiner, bansystem, robotar, buffertar, lagersystem, människor i produktionen etc. etc.- önskar växa in även mot produktionsteknik i green- likväl som brownfield projekt, och skapa nytta för sina kunder och då även kundens kund.
  • Vi kommer beskriva de olika licens-delarna inom Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, för att optimera det digital arbetsflödet inom den egna organisationen likväl som för kunden, från ett automationsperspektiv även inkluderande produktionsteknik.

Automation i kombination med produktionsteknik och det digitala arbetsflödet

Vilken licens-typ för vilket arbete, för vem och när?

What has been handled up to now?

  • Tecnomatix Plant Simulation with automation part 1 & 2
  • SIMIT - Contec Library for Logistics and Conveyer in Simit Framework
  • SIMIT – NX MCD – Kinematics & Safe Kinematics
  • Modelica FMI FMU -> SIMIT Robot in MCD , Motor Sizing
    FLOWNET library and application example winding, cylinder position, press
    PN communication between controllers, standard/safety, Flying Saw
  •  Information about test Simulation in Cloud and show the environment
  • Central storage for simulation software licenses – license server concept
  • Technology Object Kinematics  + Simatic Robot Integrator + Robot Simulation with detailed CAD and Multi-CAD support
    (VRC’s - SIMIT - NX MCD
  • Tecnomatix Process Simulate
    Position of Process Simulate into Tecnomatix Manufacturing Portfolio Part 1 of 2 done
  • News Simatic Safety Integrated & Safe Kinematics v2
  • Virtual Training Solutions
    Innovative training solutions inclusive organizational  measures such as certifications to plan work
  • Increase Automation, Motion, Safety - Power and Quality – by Simulation and Virtual Acceptance Tests  – with position of NX MCD & MCD Player – & process automation
    - News in the solution with simulation of; automation, motion control, safety, media and position of work flow with NX MCD & MCD Player and workflows
    - PLCSIM advanced v3 – SIMIT 10.2 – NX MCD & MCD Player 1934
  • Introduction of process applications with FLOWNET CHEM BASIC with TIA Portal
  • A teaser  for future of the physical meeting
    "Manage your enterprise risks"
  • Process Simulate part 2 of 2
    News in Tecnomatics Process Simulate 15.2 and 16.
    - Education Learning - How to attract the younger generation to work with automation
    - Which offerings doe’s Siemens have
    - Which themes is aprt of automation 2020 and beyond
    - How learn simulation as teachers?
  • Vägen mot applikationsingenjör inom; automation, motion control, robot och safety (21-04-23)
    - Min tid, hittills,  som Tekniksprångare hos Siemens - och nästa steg
    - Siemens mentor beskriver upplägg i stort, från behov, uttagning och genomförande.
  • Machine, cell, towards line simulation w & w/o robots - new digital workflow with multi-CAD support  and new feature in SIMIT, NX MCD/MCD Player (21-04-29)
    - News in SIMIT 10.2 update 1 in combination with NX MCD/Player 1953
    - Effect of the news in the digital workflow
    - Multi-CAD support
    - Working with MCD and a different CAD system then NX like: Solid Edge, PTC Creo, SolidWorks, Inventor, Catia etc. can be challenging, especially when the original CAD data is changed often during the ongoing work in Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD), therefore a need for updatability in MCD is often demanded.
    - Siemens PLM provides a neutral file exchange format called “JT” that allows interoperability between Siemens NX / Mechatronics Concept Designer (MCD) and other CAD Systems
    - NX/MCD will create additional .prt Files when opening the models or assemblies that are transferred from the original CAD system to JT.
    - In the NX .prt files all the additional information (e.g. MCD definitions) are saved. Furthermore the NX Files will contain the link to the original JT files so when these are updated, NX is capable of maintaining associativity.

Volvo Cars & Virtual Manufacturing Processes (2021-05-10)


Mathias Sundbäck, I  Subject Matter Expert (SME) Virtual Manufacturing  |  Central  I -  describe Volvo Cars virtual manufacturing engineering since early 2000,  up to today be their quest for the perfect ramp-up.


Take the chance to listen in a really interesting virtual manufacturing engineering journey, that has last for a long time with huge amount of effort – what the status is today - and outlook for the future to, from manufacturing perspective, support the  strategy; “Our strategy is guided by our company purpose of providing Freedom to move in a personal, sustainable and safe way. It is the foundation for reaching our ambitions; premium profitability and superior growth.”


Software safety and functional safety - Now & Beyond

New theme over a long period of time.