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Theme over time: From safety first towards safety always

Date: 2020-10-23


Functional safety and safety software within safety risk management process and greatest practical risk reduction.



Kick of

Safety software assurance towards software, safety ensurance and assurance



- From safety first to safety always

- Software safety assurance within the greatest practical risk reduction working process

//Siemens and AFRY

Use cases

  1) Limited software safety assurance can have great impact of business and Revilio will inform about the Boeing's 737 MAX cases where

- careless handling of safety analyzes

- a stressed production rate

- deficient risk assessment of small program lines >> lead to a devastating business impact.


  2) Example of practical handling of safety functional aspects/safety software such as parametrization software and logic in combination with hardware failures and electrical design in production lines at; line- , zon- , machine- , function- , subsystem-, element level


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