Digital solutions for field level in the process industries

December 10, 2021

If you wonder what this bowl of delicious muesli has to do with digitalization

– then please join our webinar: Digital solutions for field level in the process industries

Date:           Friday, December 10, 2021

Time:           08:15–09:30, with a 10 minute break                             from 08:50–09:00


The intention of the webinar session is to give you an understanding on our holistic approach of Siemens Process instrumentation enabling you to adopt digitalization activities irrespective of being used for greenfield plants or brownfield setups. As well to understand if the total access to all “stranded” data in your plant for specific critical applications is required or already a fast and easy overview of your feedstock and/or other material. And on top – learn if there are potentially new ways of conducting preventive maintenance thanks to options which are now there with IIOT sensors. So sit back, enjoy your breakfast and learn something on our way forward on that matter hoping to move on further steps in future together.


Do you face these or similar questions around digitalization on field level and would like to get some ideas, then participate

  • Struggling with applying digitalization pilots in your plant/field due to various installed bases and devices
  • Requiring a holistic approach securing openness and flexibility?
  • Open to gain more out of the data which is so far potentially “stranded” in the field?

Please join this webinar to learn more! Welcome with your registration!


Thorsten Jung

Thorsten Jung

Head of Industry Sales Measurement Intelligence


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