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What our brand claim stands for

  •  “Ingenuity” stands for innovation, engineering and genius. For us, it also includes unity – We are united in our efforts, and we are committed to partnering with our customers.
  •  “For life” relates to our role in society – To make real what matters.
  •  “Ingenuity for life” is therefore our unrelenting drive and promise to create value for customers, employees and society.

Our Businesses

Siemens Energy is the only company in the world that can offer the combined strengths of Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Transmission along the energy conversion chain – creating lasting value for its customers. As a technology leader, the breadth and strength of our portfolio remains critical to supporting the current electricity demands of society. Equally important are our proven project capabilities – not just for products, but also for solutions and services (including digital) and project financing. 

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Digital Industries (DI) is a leading innovator in automation and digitalization. Our mission is to consult and support customers from the discrete and process industries in their digital transformation. We continually expand our Digital Enterprise portfolio to include cutting-edge technologies and offer industry-specific end-to-end solutions for companies of all sizes.

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Smart Infrastructure (SI) from Siemens intelligently connects energy systems, buildings and industries, enhancing the way we live and work to significantly improve efficiency and sustainability. We help our customers to thrive, communities to progress and support sustainable development to protect our planet for the next generation. Creating environments that care. 

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  • The efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transportation of people and goods by rail and road – Mobility bundles all of Siemens’ transportation-related products, solutions and services. Advanced networked and IT-based mobility solutions and comprehensive know-how are increasing infrastructure availability, optimizing route use and raising travel quality to new levels – by rail, on the road, or across multiple modes of transportation.
  • The listed Siemens Healthineers enables healthcare providers around the world to deliver high-quality patient care. As a leading global healthcare company, we’re continuously developing our portfolio, expanding our medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics offerings and augmenting them with a growing range of healthcare management, consulting and IT services – such as advanced therapeutic solutions and molecular in-vitro diagnostics. Siemens Healthineers is proactively developing its digital healthcare services. We help customers succeed in today’s dynamic healthcare market by creating new business models that maximize opportunities and minimize risks for healthcare providers.
  • Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy is a leading supplier of reliable, environmentally friendly, and costefficient renewable energy solutions. The wind turbines offered by Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy are a worthwhile investment from both a financial and an environmental perspective. Our wind power solutions deliver clean, renewable energy from onshore and offshore installations all over the world.

Business to Society

we make real what matters

The quote has been the purpose of our company for 170 years. With the Business to Society method, we evaluate what impact our activities have on society and how we contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We serve society by applying our ingenuity for the benefit of people and in the interest of the common good."
Werner von Siemens Founder, 1854

Siemens in Sweden

Siemens is one of the largest and most admired industrial companies in Sweden

Our Company’s active ownership culture makes the difference. Above and beyond ingenuity, people rightly associate Siemens with reliability, fairness and integrity.”
Per Mikael Gustaf Leksell, CEO PD SLN

U.S.-focused Future Makers Site

Every member of the Siemens family is helping to shape a better tomorrow. We want to celebrate all of our #FutureMakers and share their stories with the world. We’re bringing you several innovative ways to connect with, learn, research, grow, interact and explore the world we’re creating together. Take a look.

EHS Global and Country Approach

Protecting the environment, conserving our natural resources, fostering the health and performance of our employees as well as safeguarding their working conditions are core to our social and business commitment at Siemens. They are an integral part of our Business Conduct Guidelines and our Corporate strategy.

“Serve the Environment” (StE) was established to mitigate adverse environmental impacts by Siemens caused, for instance, from the use of natural resources and the production of waste and air pollutants.

The goal of the Healthy@Siemens is to help Divisions and Countries to continuously promote Health, Wellness and Well-being through a formal management system.

The environmental program “Product Eco Ex-cellence” aims to reduce environmental impacts of Siemens products that may arise from the use of certain materials or energy consumption by equipment during the product life cycle.

With its company-wide, global “Zero Harm Culture” initiative, Siemens aims to improve the safety performance of the company and permanently transform the way management and employees think and act.

With our commitment to turn our operations carbon neutral by 2030, Siemens sets a clear signal even before the adoption of the Paris Agreement. By setting this goal, we express our firm belief that companies play a pioneering role in the fight against climate change. Our goal is clear: All Siemens production facilities and buildings worldwide are to achieve a net zero-carbon footprint by 2030. This program not only benefits humanity and the environment, but also comes with sustainable economic advantages for our company.