Siemens Management Consulting

Do you want to influence what Siemens businesses do next? As one of our consultants, you’ll create strategies around the future of mobility, help our customers be at the forefront of digitalization or prepare global markets for megatrends such as energy transition.

Shape the future.

Whether in Beijing, Mumbai, Munich or Orlando, our consultants develop trendsetting strategies that set businesses up for tomorrow – from pioneering initiatives like digital factories, to designing regional growth and development programs or pushing the agenda for decarbonization. Their role is to shape the future of one of the world’s largest companies and make an impact on society.

We’re looking to grow the next wave of strategy consultants so they too can become future leaders. If you have analytical brilliance, an entrepreneurial spirit and are up for a new challenge, join us.


Discover our stories

Being a part of Siemens Management Consulting (SMC) means you’ll have a direct impact on the future of Siemens and society. Meet the thinkers and makers helping Siemens businesses worldwide to build a successful future. Experience personal stories from gifted SMC newcomers, inspirational leaders and successful SMC alumni.
Application requirements

Is this for me?

We’re looking for people who want to find the most effective strategies that will shape tomorrow, from interns to experienced professionals.

You can join us as an Intern during your Bachelor (fourth semester at a university completed), Master or PhD studies. You also have the opportunity to start an internship in your gap years. If you're just completing your MBA at a leading international business school, you are highly welcome to apply as an MBA Summer Intern for our Munich office. In general we offer internships with a minimum length of 10 weeks. As SMC intern you’ll acquire practical experience in a leading strategy consultancy and the best will even receive direct offers to become permanent members of the SMC team.

If you have an excellent university degree (ideally supplemented with an MBA/PhD), practical experience in consulting or a Siemens-related industry and are known for a distinctive entrepreneurial and global mindset, then you could join us as a Consultant. There’s a variety of exciting challenges on offer from day one. You’ll analyze markets and develop business strategies on a number of international projects and prepare top management presentations.

If you have at least two to five years of professional experience in a strategy consulting firm or Siemens-related industry, you could join us as an Experienced Consultant or Project Manager. We’re looking for people who are well-equipped to drive international projects with an appreciation of different cultures. You’ll have proved your strong analytical and conceptual skills through your outstanding professional development as well as an excellent university degree. As an Experienced Consultant or Project Manager you’ll be well on your way to a top management position within Siemens.

Behind the scenes, our consultants are supported by a strong team. We believe recruiting and personal development, IT solutions and financial management are just as important as training support or organizing business travel. We help ensure that everything runs smoothly by working together in small, specialized groups.

How do I apply?

To join Siemens Management Consulting, simply fill out the online application and supply your resume, references and motivation letter. If we think you’re a good fit for SMC, we’ll invite you for an interview to demonstrate your business and analytical skills and convince us of your global mindset. You can apply at any time, but we recommend you begin your application at least three months prior to your desired start date.

Any questions?

What else do I need to know?

Want some more information about Siemens Management Consulting? Here are some of our most asked questions. If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a message on Facebook or LinkedIn.

We are the Siemens Group strategy consulting service. Our role is to prepare Siemens as best we can for future market developments, social changes, and the challenges of global competition. As a forward thinker for Siemens, we work across the whole spectrum of the business, providing worldwide support from our four locations in Munich, Beijing, Mumbai and Orlando.

We’re proud to say we’ve helped transform Siemens into one of the world’s top technology companies, while establishing the Group as a leading provider of pioneering technology products and solutions.

From a Group perspective, a key criterion when choosing a strategy consulting firm is the quality of its implementation skills. In order to develop pioneering strategies that are also practical and feasible, we need to have a detailed understanding of our clients’ needs, which we can then translate into specific actions and recommendations.

Thanks to our comprehensive network across the Group, we have built up wide-ranging and in-depth expertise across every area of the business. The success of SMC projects and the resulting success of our clients are of equal importance to us.

Our consulting services are focused on Siemens and its stakeholders. We use methodologies and best practice experience to solve critical business challenges, boosting Siemens’ competitive advantage.

As you gain experience, you’ll have the opportunity to build up an extensive and valuable network among top-level management, and many of our consultants move into managerial roles within the Group.

Our scope includes all the focus areas you’d expect to see at a top-level management strategy consultancy, including growth & innovation, digitalization, M&A, government & society, regional strategy and benchmarking.

Our consultants work across everything from power generation and distribution to mobility, industry automation and healthcare. This means they get to know the company from a range of different perspectives, gaining experience across the whole spectrum of Siemens’ business. Together, we deliver high-impact results that help our clients gain long-term competitive advantage.

With four offices in Munich, Beijing, Mumbai and Orlando, and a global client base, there are opportunities to apply your expertise in almost every country in the world.

We take an international approach to projects, and colleagues from the Munich office, for example, will work on projects in China, and vice versa. Our global pool of skills and experience allows us to create international solutions to some of today’s most complex challenges.

Consulting takes place on site at Siemens’ premises, so an SMC project could take you anywhere in the world. In fact, every third project is located abroad.

If you’re working on a domestic project, you’ll spend Monday to Thursday in the team room, and Friday at your local SMC office. For a project based in the same continent, you’ll spend four days and three nights a week at your client’s premises, and the fifth day at your local SMC office. And for projects in a different continent entirely, you’ll have the opportunity to fly home at regular intervals.

If you’re looking for a world of opportunities, Siemens Management Consulting is for you.

We offer internships in our SMC offices in Munich, Beijing (Summer Associate) and Orlando. Our internships are the perfect opportunity to kick-start a promising career in management consulting.

We offer internships throughout the year to world-class candidates with an outstanding record of academic achievement and first practical experience in strategy consulting or a relevant industry. Our internships last for 10 weeks or more, and you should have completed at least four semesters of your degree. We also offer internships to students who are currently completing a gap year or working toward their master’s degree.  As an Intern, you’ll have immediate responsibility as a member of the project team and work directly with clients. Ready for the challenge?

As an Intern, you’ll gain valuable insights into our work and culture.

Working independently on site at our clients’ premises, as a full-fledged member of our consulting team, you’ll carry out research, analysis and data processing, prepare workshops, conduct interviews, and manage your own project area. And to help you develop both personally and professionally, you’ll have a personal mentor who will offer you regular feedback and advice on your performance.

Your internship is your opportunity to show us what you can do. If it goes well, it could lead to an offer of employment.

No, unfortunately not. Due to the demanding nature of our project work, our consultants do not have the resources to offer ongoing supervision.

You’ll receive a confirmation email to let you know we’ve received your application. If we think you’re a good fit, you’ll be invited to an initial interview. Typically, applicants hear back from us within two weeks.

Case studies are a key component of your interview, and your interview will be based on a real SMC project. Please spend some time familiarizing yourself with our work and practicing with example case studies. You can find an example SMC case study here:

SMC Practice Case Study: Rail Digitalization at Siemens

There are also a number of useful books and resources to help you practice structuring your argument and analysis, as well as to get you thinking about related industries, including energy, automation and transportation.

Our case study interview is your opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of different economic theories, as well as your ability to think analytically, to structure and prioritize ideas, and to be creative.