Fire detection


The quicker you know about the fire, the quicker you can fight the fire.

As a building’s first line of defense against fire hazards, the fire protection system’s importance must not be underestimated. The earlier a fire is detected, the better the appropriate measures can be taken to guide people out of harm’s way and limit property damages. This is why our fire protection systems rely on innovative multi-sensor technology to identify dangerous situations as quickly and reliably as possible. Our scalable solutions don’t only offer unbeatable accuracy but also intuitive operation for building personnel, installers and firefighters. And as they are easily expandable, you can be sure your business is optimally protected even if requirements change.

Fire protection network

Reliable data transmission throughout the system

For faultless communication throughout the fire protection system, our systems include three distinct network types specialized either on linking detectors, panels and terminals, or panel/terminal clusters. All of them rely on the latest network technology and redundant system architecture for maximum reliability.
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