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Protecting lives - creating perfect places

When it comes to safety, you want to have absolute confidence in your voice alarm (VA) system. So that an orderly and quick evacuation is ensured in case of an emergency. Better still if it doubles up as a public address (PA) system of the highest sound quality. A perfect place is safe and full of life. With Cerberus PACE – the sound of safety.

Protecting your investment

Quality you can build upon over time

Cerberus PACE (Public Address and Controlled Evacuation) has been designed to the highest standards, including EN54-16. It’s flexible, modular and engineered to your individual needs. You can start small and have your system grow with you as requirements evolve. Should you wish to modernize your current legacy system, existing wiring and loudspeakers can be integrated to start with and replaced step-by-step. Real-time engineering means the system can be reconfigured without interrupting operation. Built-in end-of-line modules and redundancy ensure system integrity at all times. And the professional sound quality will make sure your message comes across loud and clear.
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Modularity to fit your individual needs

Small, medium or large. Cerberus PACE protects lives in buildings of any size, type, and complexity. The system is customized to your individual requirements, with lots of options to choose from. Firstly, start with a public address and voice alarm system of the highest standards with pro-sound quality. Then choose from various levels of redundancy, speaker line designs, and whether you require remote access functionality. The modular system architecture and component compatibility mean it can be easily scaled and adapted – stretching your investment out over time as needs evolve.

Features that fit your needs

Customizing to your choice of system integrity

Critical functionality in the system is distributed widely, avoiding potential single points of failure. The level of redundancy is designed to your individual specification, adding backup wiring, audio matrixes, switches or an additional network – right up to a complete double structure if required. Even in its most basic setup, the system complies to the strictest of norms, like EN 54-16 and a multitude of local codes of practice, and goes beyond these when redundancy is added.

Uncompromised safety during system reconfiguration

Maintenance, upgrades, and amendments can all be made without compromising safety or having to interrupt business, as reconfiguration can be done live without needing to reboot. Furthermore, the system can be accessed remotely for trouble shooting and maintenance if desired.

A wide choice of designs for every application

Depending on your building and desired level of redundancy, several options are available for the speaker lines. From single to double stubs, trees, and loops with or without isolators, all kinds of designs are available. And they’re clever. End-of-line modules ensure the speaker lines are functioning correctly, continuously checking their integrity and notifying should there be a fault.

Protecting your investments

There’s no need to start from scratch if you have an outdated or broken PA/VA system. Cerberus PACE can be retrofitted step-by-step to legacy wiring schemes and speakers to achieve EN54-16 compliance and modern functionality. The key is the installation of smart end-of-line modules that identify any faults as they occur. In this way, you can safeguard past investments and stretch the new ones out over time.

Easy troubleshooting and maintenance

The system can be accessed remotely from any smart device. As such, you can easily undertake routine maintenance tasks like system checks, reconfigurations, and the testing of individual speaker lines during on-site maintenance. Remote access can also help you change your PA announcements and music – all without shutdowns or reboots.

A safer and more pleasant experience

In an emergency there can be no room for misunderstanding. And your PA system should be a pleasure to listen to, not a cause for earache. It’s a question of standards. And because you demand the best, Cerberus PACE provides pro-sound quality, with low latency. It is EN54-16 compliant and part of the lifestyle experience you offer your building’s guests and tenants.

Keeping the system running

The loop isolator makes sure that, in case of a fault, as few loudspeakers are shut down as possible. It isolates short-circuits, preventing damage, and helps you find the problem quickly. The loop isolator is part of a self-healing mechanism that keeps as much of the loop functional as possible – and is fail-safe itself so you don’t compromise on system integrity.

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