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With Siemens Industrial Edge you take digitalization directly to your manufacturing systems

Siemens Industrial Edge is the next generation of digital automation. It lets you apply the intelligence and scalability of the Cloud directly in your manufacturing systems – with ease, top performance, and no need for your data to leave your manufacturing area.

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Industrial Edge

The best of both worlds

Industrial Edge combines local and high-performance data processing directly within the automation system with the benefits offered by the Cloud: app-based data analysis, data processing and infrastructure-as-a-service concepts with a centralized update function.

Using the best of the Cloud securely in manufacturing: Industrial Edge

There is no question that Cloud solutions offer many benefits: they provide central management for applications, easily link data from various sources, and provide a powerful infrastructure for data processing. At the same time there’s a huge demand for locally processing data close to the machine. The data needs to be evaluated and analyzed as soon as possible.

This is precisely where Industrial Edge comes in, combining the benefits of the Cloud with the strengths of a local solution: you decide where you will process, store and use your data – locally, in the Cloud, or with a hybrid solution.