SIMOTION – the high-end motion control system

Merging performance and modularity

SIMOTION, the proven high-end motion control system, features optimal performance for all machine concepts as well as maximum modularity. With SCOUT TIA, you can rely on a consistent engineering that is integrated in the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal). Drive-integrated SINAMICS safety functions are of course also available for your customized safety concepts.    With the new software versions, SIMOTION supports object-oriented programming (OOP), the OPC UA communication protocol, as well as user program tests in the engineering without hardware. Thereby, SIMOTION further optimizes its benefits with regard to modularity, openness, and efficient software development.

Hardware platforms

SIMOTION hardware platforms

To ensure that you have free rein for your application, you can select from three hardware platforms. You decide which one is the best fit for your machine. 

The individual hardware platforms all have the same system properties; the functionality and engineering are identical in each platform. This is an advantage especially when it comes to modular machines and systems with mixed topologies.

Runtime Software

Scalable and high-performant runtime software

The scalable runtime system ensures the right functionality for all mechanical engineering tasks.

The combination of PLC functionality, execution system, technology and open architecture packages as well as function libraries provides a unique functionality.

Engineering software

The fulfillment of the highest demands on engineering functionality.

The SCOUT / SCOUT TIA engineering system is particularly user friendly. When it comes to configuration, programming, testing, or commissioning, all tasks are largely supported by graphics.  

And the software offers even more: With the modular technology object approach, object-oriented programming (OOP), and the modular programming model with units, SIMOTION offers maximum functionality and a high level of flexibility while minimizing engineering effort.

Industry-specific solutions

Optimally implementing industry applications

The SIMOTION motion control system is used in a wide range of segments. With libraries for industry-specific applications and the SIMOTION easyProject project generator, SIMOTION facilitates the integration of standard modules into an operational project.

With just a few clicks you can easily create, configure, and combine large parts of the machine application – ensuring increased flexibility, optimal quality, and reduced costs. Furthermore we provide you with free preconfigured software modules in an industry-specific toolboxes.

You can additionally benefit from innovative services such as mechatronic- and application support as well as a comprehensive worldwide service network.

Flexible access to machine data

Integrated web server functions and unlimited communication

With the integrated webserver funktions, you can use the process data of your machine to increase the general availability. The standardized protocol OPC UA also enables unlimited communication between all systems, platforms and manufacturers.

Supplementary system components

Connection to automation and drive technology

SIMOTION is a consistent system solution fully integrated in Totally Integrated Automation, the industrial automation solution from Siemens. As a result, you can use the complete automation and drive product range for SIMOTION.


SIMOTION highlights

SIMOTION, the proven high-end motion control system, combines powerful hardware with efficient engineering and innovative software. Here you can see the highlights of our modular motion control solution.
SIMOTION at a glance

If it’s high-end, it’s SIMOTION

Reduce time-to-market while boosting efficiency and flexibility – those are the challenges currently facing industry. Achieving this while maintaining or increasing product quality calls for machines that are especially powerful, versatile, and precise. 

To compete on a global scale, industry requires powerful, versatile, and efficient motion control applications that work with precision. Machine builders have to adapt to these requirements and also continue to understand, implement, and reliably meet the very specific and individual requirements of their industrial customers. 

The proven, modular, and scalable SIMOTION portfolio featuring high-end functions is the optimal solution for motion control applications in machine building when modularity, maximum precision, and speed are required. You can use SIMOTION to implement a wide variety of tasks and requirements with regard to motion control and adapt them for any industry with a motion control focus.

SIMOTION – perfectly integrated in the entire digitalization process

Leveraging the benefits of digitalization

You can also leverage the benefits offered by increasing digitalization: With the modular technology object approach, libraries for industry-specific applications, and the project generator, SIMOTION makes it possible to create reusable software modules and significantly boost efficiency during the development of your machines. 

The integration into the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) with SCOUT TIA makes seamless engineering possible from the controller to the HMI. Object-oriented programming (OOP), the OPC UA open interface, and SIMOSIM simulation software all pave the way for shorter development and commissioning times.

High-end performance meets modularity

The high-end motion control system SIMOTION at a glance:

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SIMOTION in practice

SIMOTION is successfully used in numerous projects around the world. You can find an interesting selection of such projects here.
Downloads and support

Additional information

Here you can quickly and easily find comprehensive support for SIMOTION as well as mechatronics, tutorial videos, and advice for specific tasks.

Flexibility with SIMOTION

Motion control can be highly diverse

SIMOTION enables you to solve even the most challenging motion control tasks. The modular system with innovative software components can be specifically tailored to your requirements. We are happy to support you – simply contact us if you would like additional information or detailed advice.

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