Object-oriented programming (OOP)

Master the complexity of software development

A complex function block contains an average of 10,000 lines of code. To increase programming efficiency, it is necessary to improve software development processes. OOP makes it possible to easily create standardized software modules that are easy to reuse and can be further developed. For you, this means significantly less programming and testing work.   OOP in SIMOTION significantly increases the efficiency, flexibility, and performance of your software.

Reducing development effort

More efficient, thanks to standardized software

Standardization not only increases the reusability of software modules, it reduces susceptibility to errors in complex programs. In this respect object-oriented programming with SIMOTION plays a crucial role.

Structuring complex applications in a manageable way

Clear structures for maximum performance and efficiency

Technical book

Technical book from Wolfgang Horn, Michael Braun

Fundamentals, sample programs, and software concepts according to IEC 61131-3

OOP knowledge for beginners and experts

The book provides insights into the OOP way of thinking and programming and offers examples of various object-oriented techniques and their mechanisms.

Associated sample applications

Efficient software programming

Software for the machine builder of tomorrow

Object-oriented programming according to uniform software standards provides clear and modular structures and significantly reduces maintenance and testing effort. With SIMOTION software, you can efficiently exploit the full potential of your high-end machines.

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