SIMOTION Runtime-Software

Maximum flexibility in machine building

The SIMOTION runtime software combines a powerful runtime system with high-performance PLC functionality, diverse motion control and technology functions.

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High performance and scalability

The runtime system for all your motion control applications

In addition to the basic functions of SIMOTION it’s possible to extend the range of technology functions as desired. With the various options to scale and expand the SIMOTION runtime software you can immediately realize customized solutions according to your specifications.

Customizable package of services

The SIMOTION runtime system includes the PLC functionality, the task system, and the entire range of SIMOTION technology functions that are integrated via technology packages. In addition, integrated function libraries allow the integration of special I/Os and communication modules and expand the system functionality (e.g. controller).

Versatile customization options

The perfect package for individual solutions

The SIMOTION runtime system is based on the interplay of basic functions and integrable technology packages and function libraries.

SIMOTION technology packages

Basic functions can be flexibly adjusted to your current requirements through the addition of suitable technology packages. They can be conveniently accessed via the SCOUT command libraries and PLC open blocks.

Preconfigured industry-specific functions can be integrated into the project additionally.

> Overview of industry-specific solutions

Motion control technology package

A scalable functionality is available for motion control. This includes everything from cam to positioning, gearing and camming, as well as 3D path interpolation for various handling kinematics. 

The motion control technology package allows intuitive and universal programming of all important motion sequences of a production machine, from simple 

single-axis to complex multi-axis applications and from low to high PLC performance.

Temperature control technology package

The SIMOTION technology package for temperature control provides temperature channels with extensive functions. These functions are accessed via additional language commands and system variables.

Drive Control Chart (DCC) technology package

The SIMOTION technology package for Drive Control Chart (DCC) provides a library with Drive Control Blocks (DCBs). These blocks make it easy to configure control functions graphically. 

SIMOTION OA technology packages

SIMOTION OA technology packages are based on SIMOTION’s open architecture interface. This OA interface is used to provide customer or industry specific solutions, independent of software development cycles. SIMOTION OA technology packages are optional packages for SIMOTION SCOUT and can be installed with a separate setup.

Additional technology packages are available:

  • Multipurpose Information Interface (MIIF) technology package
  • Vibration Extinction (VIBX) technology package
  • OACAMGEN technology package
  • Learning Error Compensation (LECo) technology package
Detailed information about technology packages in the SIMOTION catalog

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How you benefit from SIMOTION runtime software

Expand SIMOTION functionality with open architecture

Learning Error Compensation (LECo)

The LECo algorithm compensates mechanical weaknesses when combined with SIMOTION. Cyclic errors and lags of the position controller are reduced to a minimum, so your production process becomes as precise and as stable as possible.

More about LECo