Best-in-class milling with SINUMERIK MDynamics.

From 3-axis milling through 5-axis simultaneous machining up to multitasking machining

Milling expertise in a package for perfect workpiece surfaces. SINUMERIK MDynamics stands for exceptional path control and perfect workpiece surfaces. Cutting-edge operation, unique technology cycles, ultimate shopfloor programming and high-quality CNC simulation combined in one package: this is the SINUMERIK MDynamics milling package.

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Wide SINUMERIK portfolio for milling

Milling know-how and powerful CNC hardware, intelligent CNC functions and the unique CAD/CAM-CNC process chain bundled in one package – this is SINUMERIK MDynamics. Perfect milling results are demanded, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries, energy and healthcare, shopfloor production as well as in toolmaking and moldmaking. The SINUMERIK MDynamics milling technology package is the ideal solution here.    
Advanced Surface
Top Surface
3-axis milling

5-axis milling


SINUMERIK MDynamics stands for exceptional path control and perfect workpiece surfaces. Top scores are achieved for surface quality, precision and speed.

The SINUMERIK MDynamics technology package provides the machine operator free access to NC programs and workpiece documentation and supports the paperless manufacturing and visualization of geometries in tool and moldmaking within a very short time. The intuitive SINUMERIK Operate user interface supports all applications.

Advanced Surface and TopSurface

With intelligent path control Advanced Surface and Top Surface, SINUMERIK offers optimum workpiece surfaces with the highest machining speeds. Top Surface optimizes CAM data for the subsequent SINUMERIK path control. This leads to an even better workpiece surface. Advanced Surface has an optimized “Look ahead” algorithm. This leads to a perfect surface quality through identical results in adjacent milling paths.

Collision Avoidance

Optimum protection against undesirable collisions Collision Avoidance in SINUMERIK offers 3D collision monitoring in real time – for 1-channel machines with one NCU – and also for complex machining such as 5-axis simultaneous milling. Collision monitoring is available in all operating modes (JOG, MDA and automatic). The monitoring of machine elements with respect to one another – and with respect to tool cutting edges – can be visualized in 3D in SINUMERIK Operate.

As from Software Version 4.8, the topic of collision avoidance has been extended by new features.

Best-in-class milling with SINUMERIK MDynamics

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