Transforming the everyday. Together.

Since 1847 Siemens has empowered customers to transform their businesses, so that they can impact the world. Together with our customers and ecosystem partners we are helping to change the lives of millions of people for the better in Singapore.

We combine the real and the digital worlds

As a focused technology company, we create technology that empowers our customers to positively transform the industries that form the backbone of our economies – industry, infrastructure, transport, and healthcare. From manufacturing to smart buildings, energy to food and beverages, Siemens technology empowers companies of all sizes to transform the everyday. Driven by digitalization and automation, we provide solutions that allow businesses across Singapore increase their productivity, scale up while maintaining quality, and harness the possibilities of Industry 4.0. Siemens technology solutions can also significantly improve the efficiency and sustainability of energy systems, buildings and industry, while facilitating the transition towards net zero emissions, renewable energy and decentralized power generation.


From work to play, Siemens technology powers everyday innovations across Singapore.

Creating perfect places to work and innovate

At the Siemens Centre in Singapore, innovative smart building technologies optimize energy, facilitates pandemic-focused safety measures, and ensures optimal air quality, paving the way for a healthier, safer and sustainable work environment.

Enabling Digital Transformation & IoT Integration in manufacturing

The Advance Manufacturing Transformation Centre (AMTC) is the first of its kind hybrid competence centre that provides guidance, support and training to manufacturing facilities in Southeast Asia on their journey of adoption, transition and transformation towards advance manufacturing.

Helping to meet Singapore' water demand

Delivered a state-of-the-art variable speed drive system to the BEWG Changi NEWater Phase 2 Plant. The system ensures energy savings, 90% availability for the plant and greater productivity.

Aquaculture 4.0

Data-driven decision-making takes fish farming to the next level at Singapore Aquaculture Technologies Smart Floating Fish Farm. We're supporting this next-generation farm achieve a productive, scalable, and environmentally friendly operation with automation, digitalization and financing. 


Technology solution highlights

Siemens offers a diverse product portfolio, from building technology and automation to industrial cybersecurity services, allowing our customers to transform the everyday.