Data Centre World, Singapore 2022

Singapore | Oct 12 - 13, 2022 | 09.00 - 17.30 hrs  

The race to achieving net zero targets is well under way. Data centres, as the cornerstone across all industries and life, are continually exploring cleaner technologies to turn operations green. Siemens is at the forefront of supporting this reality together.


We are leading this transformation with our framework of helping data centres to establish a competitive edge through sustainability, resilience and life-cycle performance.


At Data Centre World, Singapore 2022, from 12-13 Oct 2022, Siemens joined key stakeholders in the data centre industry to outline the materiality of sustainability issues in the data centre industry; hearing from international and local thought-leaders, and deep-dive into topic sessions on market, trends, expectations, challenges, and latest technologies. 


Discussions and presentations

Our experts who were part of the Data Centre World 2022 conference programme.


Ciaran Flanagan

Vice-President & Global Head of Data Centre Solutions


Location: Data Centre World Keynote Theatre 



Siemens is committed to assisting its customers in achieving their sustainability goals through the implementation of new technologies, as well as cutting-edge methods, that data centres must adopt to improve energy efficiency.


As the Global Head for Data Center, Ciaran Flanagan will discuss how data centre sustainability is becoming a core objective and how digitalization is critical to delivering on the promise of sustainability. 


Sunil Kumar Yadav

Head, Building Performance and Sustainability, ASEAN



Location: Energy Efficiency, Cost Management and DCIM Theatre



With climate risk becoming a concern more than ever, join this panel discussion as we discuss the technologies and strategies used as we move towards creating green data centres and aims to shed light on issues such as the design & build requirement for data centre and the challenges surrounding it. It aims to explore how we move to minimizing building carbon footprints, sustainable landscaping, low-emission building materials, carpets and paints, e-waste recycling, catalytic converters on backup generators and alternative energy technology, cooling systems and more.


Manish Shangari

Vice President, Data Centre Leader 

Global Buildings + Places



Praveen Hassan Chandrashekar

Head, Sustainability & Resilience Office

Surbana Jurong  


Rajesh Balachander

Regional Solution Architect 

Regional Solutions and Services, Smart Infrastructure



Srini Rao

Regional Director - Singapore



Joshua Au

Chapter Lead



Location: Data Centre World Keynote Theatre



This discussion will explore the impacts and challenges of incorporating new technologies such as WSCO, digital twin, 5G, AI, machine learning on Data Centres.


Ashwit Dias

Head, Building Products, ASEAN



Location: Data Centre World Keynote Theatre



Lithium-ion battery storage systems are increasingly being used to decarbonize Data Centre operations.  This short session will focus on the additional fire risks involved with Li-ion batteries, which are not typically considered in traditional fire protection design.  You will get insights into the mechanism of thermal runaway in Li-ion batteries and into some common misconceptions in the industry.  You will also be introduced to technology which can protect your Data Centres from a catastrophic thermal runaway event.

Our solutions for Data Centres

Transforming the everyday for a better tomorrow

Data centres are the backbone of our society and industry. Operators are challenged to provide 24x7 availability, be competitive, and achieve unprecedent sustainability targets. At Siemens our experts work closely with our clients to support their projects along the entire lifecycle and across a wide range of disciplines. We do this with a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data centre solutions and global services for data centres, such as power distribution, cooling automation, fire safety, and security. Learn more about our outstanding data centre solutions via the links on this page – or get in touch with our experts.


Our experience makes the difference – and it continues to grow. Mastering today’s data centre challenges is one thing, but to stay ahead of the competition, you need a reliable partner with a comprehensive portfolio and the ingenuity to make real, what truly matters…

How to de-stress the data centre infrastructure?

The growth of a data centre or data centre network is too often constrained by its own design, management practices, production objectives, and resource priorities. When we treat the data centre more as an organic entity rather than a human endeavor, we constrain its evolution, to the detriment of both its operators and its customers. In this report, we call your attention to five such constraints that may be commonly found in data centre growth plans.

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