Digiweek Industry

May 22-24 2018 | Siemens Center Singapore
Experience Industry 4.0 in practice

Digital Enterprise - Implement now!

The digital transformation of the producing economy is gaining momentum. Companies from a wide variety of industries are already unlocking this potential – they are using end-to-end digitalization to create a lasting competitive edge by reducing the time to market and increasing flexibility, efficiency, and quality. It enables new opportunities for value creation, innovative business models, and trendsetting forms of cooperation.   The technical prerequisites for the implementation of Industry 4.0 are readily available with the Siemens Digital Enterprise: the connection of the virtual and the real world of production along the entire value chain based on profound industry knowledge and unique expertise in the fields of electrification, automation, and digitalization. Now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities and pave the way into a successful future.

Pave the way for the future of Industry

Connect and dialogue with key industry leaders on the adoption of Industry 4.0 



01:30pm             Registration

02:00pm             Opening address by Dr Armin Bruck, President & CEO, Siemens Pte Ltd

02:20pm             Keynote address by Ms Fong Pin Fen, Director for Cities, Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions, EDB
02:40pm             Panel Discussion on:     
                             - Singapore's adoption of Industry 4.0
                             - How do we acclerate the digital transformation
                             - How do we make it sustainable for companies in the digitalization journey
                             - Skills needed for this digitalization journey
                             Panelists: Dr Armin Bruck, President & CEO, Siemens Pte Ltd;
                                              Ms Fong Pin Fen, Director for Cities, Infrastructure & Industrial Solutions, EDB
                                              Dr Peter Nagler, Executive Director, A*Star Institute of Chemical & Engineering Science
                                              Mr Nicholas Yeo, Technical Director, Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre                    

                             Moderator: Bob Gill, General Manager, Southeast Asia, ARC Advisory Group

04:00pm             Guided tour of exhibition

04:30pm             Cocktail and networking reception



08:45am               Registration / Welcome Coffee & Tea
09:00am               Keynote address: Making the Value of Digitalization Real
                               Raimund Klein, Executive Vice President, ASEAN, Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives, Siemens Pte Ltd
09:30am               Technology Trend: Convergent Modeling and 3D printing
                               Alon Shaham & Benjamin Moey
10:00am               Coffee break                      
10:30am               Technology Trend: Digitalizing Production Engineering Workflow
                               Sivanu Subbiah
11:00am               Technology Trend: Charter of Trust - Digitalization and Cybersecurity must Evolve Hand in Hand
                               Phillip Taylor
11:30am               Technology Partner: Establishing Digital Trust in the Industrial World as implemented by Kaspersky Lab, Singapore
                               Vikram Kalkat, Kaspersky Lab
12:00pm               Lunch + Micro-fair Guided Tour
02:00pm               Technology breakout sessions
05:30pm               Cocktails and networking 

Tech Talk #1: The Future of Manufacturing in Consumer Good Production

Room T0101 | 02:00pm - 05:30pm

Presenter: :  Alex Grimm + Sivanu Subbiah

Digitalization offers many possibilities, but how can it support your business? It is a holistic approach from the shop floor up to the management level. But, which approaches work and where to start? Today’s challenge is to connect all vertical levels in order to exchange data and use them to create an intelligent production through seamless communication based on a high degree of standardization.

The Future of Manufacturing

Tech Talk #2: Siemens Open Cloud Industrial IoT Operating System for Discrete and Hybrid Industries

Room T0102 | 02:00pm – 05:30pm

Presenter: Byron Heath

MindSphere delivers a wide range of device and enterprise system connectivity protocol options, industry applications, advanced analytics and an innovative development environment that utilizes both Siemens’ open Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) capabilities along with access to AWS cloud services.


Tech Talk #3: Leadership in Manufacturing - Steering Industry 4.0 Transformation

Siemens Auditorium | 02:00pm - 05:30pm 

Presenter: Surya Tumuluri


Industry 4.0 is breaking down functional silos in organization. Leaders are constantly looking for ways to gain a competitive edge for their organization. Industry 4.0 enables organizations to extract value from their operations by exploiting data thereby gaining that edge. Our experts will walk you through the technology enablers of Industry 4.0 and equip you with tools to get you started on your transformation.

Industry 4.0

Tech Talk #4: Siemens Strength in Cyber Security; Holistic Security Concept for Production based on IEC 62443

Room T0204 | 02:00pm - 05:30pm

Cyber attacks are threatening the digital production. Which prerequisites in the company are necessary to get a balanced level of security? How can security be driven to success between product supplier, system integrator and the end customer? Join us to find out.  




08:45am               Registration / Welcome Coffee & Tea
09:00am               Keynote address: The Value of the Digital Twin and Benefits of Digitalization in the Process Industries
                               Raimund Klein, Executive Vice President, ASEAN, Digital Factory and Process Industries and Drives, Siemens Pte Ltd
09:30am               Technology Trend: COMOS - Software solutions from Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations 
                               Himanshu Shrivastava
10:00am               Coffee break                      
10:30am               Technology Trend: SIMIT - Simulation Improves Engineering and Operational Efficiency
                               Jessica Liao
11:00am               Technology Trend: Expertise in Industrial Networks - The basis for Digitalization for Process Industries
                               Claus Fuchs
11:30pm               Technology Trend: XHQ Operations Intelligence - From Data to Decisions 
                               Tobias Botzenhardt
12:00pm               Lunch + Micro-fair Guided Tour
02:00pm               Technology breakout sessions
05:30pm               Networking 

Tech Talk #1: Integrated Data Management for the Process Industry

Room T0203 | 02:00pm - 05:30pm 
Presenter: Himanshu Shrivastava

The powerful, and unique, integration of the COMOS CAE tool with the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system, the SIMIT simulation platform, and the XHQ software solution forms the basis for the „digital twin“ of a real plant. COMOS Walkinside offers a software solution that visualizes the engineering data with impressive, high-resolution 3D virtual reality, enabling users to move through their plant.

COMOS at a glance

Tech Talk #2: Siemens Open Cloud Industrial IoT Operating System for Process Industries

Room T0102 | 02:00pm – 05:30pm

Presenter: Byron Heath

One of the biggest end user challenges remains unscheduled downtime. IIoT-enabled solutions, such as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance, can help to minimize this. However, Industrial IoT has a much broader application than simply predictive maintenance of machines - breaking down the silos of data and utilizing the cloud to bring mass amounts of data from multiple sources into one location.


Tech Talk #3: Experience Integrated Engineering and Integrated Operations with Siemens DCS Solutions

Room T0202 | 02:00pm - 05:30pm

Presenter: Jessica Liao

Simulation improves engineering and operational efficiency. The lifecycle of a system is divided into different phases from development, engineering, commissioning into operation of a plant, using different tools and applications. How do you manage the data and information to avoid human errors during phase transmission, across the entire organization? Join us to find out.


Tech Talk #4: XHQ - Discover what secrets your data can reveal

Room T0204 | 02:00pm – 05:30pm

Presenters: Nataphol Naewthai + Rishab Gehlot

XHQ is software for operations intelligence in the process industries, bringing together manufacturing, operations, and equipment data into a cohesive system for in-context reporting, analysis, and visualization. With XHQ software, a process plant or enterprise can create a rich set of dashboards and visual displays that combine information from many sources.


Tech Talk #5: Industry Service

Part 1: Reinventing Industry Service for a Digital Future & Digital Drive Train Services     

Part 2: Digital Drive Train Services

Room T0202 | 02:00pm - 05:30pm

Presenter: Lindon Chen

Digital industry services support you in improving your overall equipment effectiveness.With Digital Drive Train Services, we help to ensure that the complete drive train delivers greater efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness and this lies in the data generated. We not only offer the hardware, the connectivity, and the platform, but also the related digital services throughout the entire drive train.

Digital Industry Services

Tech Talk #6: eBR for Paperless and Batch/Continuous Manufacturing in the Process Industry

Room T0201 | 02:00pm - 05:30pm

Module Leader:  Handoko Janto


Continuous manufacturing, paperless manufacturing, big data & analytics, simulation, robotics, additive manufacturing & 3D printing. With growing pressure from competition, evolving demands, and authorities - process industries need to adopt new technology to survive. This talk will discuss how Siemens can help our pharmaceutical customers navigate through the digitalization journey adopting these technologies.

Digital solutions for the pharmaceutical industry


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