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Discover: Smart Buildings

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Is your building holding you back?

Digital transformation has shaped our buildings and the way it interacts with people and services. With the onset of connected devices, buildings are generating massive amounts of data. But how can this data play a part in reducing operating expenses, achieving sustainability goals, enhancing business continuity or keeping occupants safe and comfortable? Request for an online webinar tailor-made to your KPIs and learn more about how your building can be an active contributor to your business success.

Explore the power of data

Transform the way you build and operate by leveraging on the power of data. We bring together our extensive building know-how, analytic expertise and new services & platforms to help you be more productive, cost efficient, sustainable and resilient.
contact tracing

How do you plan to address social distancing and contact tracing at the workplace?

As workplaces around the world prepare to reopen, there may be new regulations in place to ensure the safety of building occupants and visitors. From controlled access to track & trace, social distancing and space optimization, we are committed to supporting you with the right workplace solutions, tailor-made to fit your needs.

 Market-specific solutions


Your productivity depends to a great extent on your work environment. We’ve focused our expertise in building automation to create work spaces that are comfortable and flexible - along with our portfolio of IoT solutions which provide building occupants with greater control over their environment. 


Our combination of solutions also support organizations build a more resilient workplace with technologies which enable efficient and realible contact tracing, social distancing and body temperature detection.


Learn more about how you can enhance staff productivity and building operations by bringing together intelligent infrastructure and the workplace of the future. 


Learn more about our holistic Smart office offerings


Maximum uptime, the highest energy efficiency, full scalability: Data center operators face a multitude of challenges. We’ve used our extensive expertise and experience to create a comprehensive portfolio of integrated data center solutions and global services that will help you master these challenges.


Find out more about how you can ensure the highest level of reliability whilst ensuring fire safety, security, sustainability and power management. 


Learn more about our comprehensive data center solutions 


Buildings used for tasks related to research, development and storage in the life sciences have to meet unique requirements. In order to comply with the strict norms and regulations aimed at ensuring occupant health and safety as well as production and storage requirements, a highly specialized technological infrastructure must be implemented and maintained. Our integrated life science technologies are specifically designed for the unique operational requirements in the life science industry. 


Discover how the right combination of technology and services can enhance your competitiveness, minimize risks and increasing efficiency in each step of your value chain.


Learn more about our life science offerings


Hospital management needs to meet many different requirements: In addition to optimal care for patients, a positive and productive work environment for your staff is just as important as managing resources efficiently. Specialized applications require even more specialized implementations in operating rooms, pressurized rooms and laboratories. Our solutions help patients recover faster and the staff to work more efficiently – in a comfortable environment. 


In order to meet the changing demands of Hospitals, Siemens provides solutions which support in minimizing Healthcare-Associated Infections (HIA). These range from room pressure and humidity monitoring to tracking and reviewing patient movement.


Find out how you can create the right environment to enhance patient satisfaction and healing, whilst improving your staff productivity. 


Learn more about our comprehensive solutions and services for smart hospitals


The airport industry has evolved in recent decades and the growing demand for global connectivity signals a need for newer, more innovative solutions. From integrated building systems to baggage handling management - we bring together intelligence and actionable insights for new levels of passenger experience, operational efficiency, sustainability, safety and security.


Find out how Siemens can help you take advantage of digitalization to create an airport that works smart and offers a passenger experience that rivals the best facilities in the world.


Learn more about our smart airport solutions


Hotels today strive to become the accommodation of choice for travelers around the world. In order to ensure guest satisfaction, a seamless experience is expected. The Smart hotel facilitates the day-to-day management of operations, improves the comfort and experience of customer, while enhancing safety and security of people and assets. 


Discover how you can enhance daily operations and improve energy efficiency without compromising on your guests' satisfaction and comfort.


The right learning environment can lead to great things. A smart campus provides the right environment for students, staff and researchers to thrive. Siemens is proud to partner with Universities around the world to help provide the perfect campus experience and industry collaborations. 


Find out how our comprehensive solutions and services can support you in enhancing student and staff productivity,  achieve sustainability targets or create living labs and research collaborations. 


Learn more about our smart campus solutions


Discover smart buildings and the power of data

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How can you turn buildings – inanimate, silent and passive structures – into living environments that can interact with their occupants, learn from them, and ultimately adapt to their changing needs? Explore the world of smart buildings and learn what a perfect place of the future will look like. 

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