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Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2019

October 22nd – 24th, Singapore EXPO, Booths 1K12 & 2B28 
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Impressions from ITAP 2019

Experience Industrie 4.0 in Southeast Asia

Digital Enterprise – Thinking industry further!

The ongoing individualization of products leads to continuously increasing requirements for productivity and flexibility of production. To meet these requirements, Siemens' unique Digital Enterprise solution portfolio merges the virtual with the real world, enabling companies of all sizes and from all industries to produce faster, more flexible, better, and more secure. New developments like flexible mass production, modular production units, or collaborative robots are changing the requirements for industrial companies. At ITAP, experience industry-specific implementations first-hand! We’ll show how we are constantly expanding the Digital Enterprise portfolio with cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence or edge computing and are enabling completely new ways to use digital data in order to increase productivity and to develop new business models. We are looking forward to seeing you at ITAP 2019, October 22nd–24th, Booths 1K12 and 2B28. Save the date!

Industrial Transformation ASIA-PACIFIC (ITAP) 2019 – a Hannover Messe event – is the region’s leading Industry 4.0 event.


The event brings together an ecosystem of manufacturers, government agencies & businesses ranging from multinational corporations (MNC) to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to shape and support their transformation initiatives. 

The customised and curated unique “Learning Journey” in the event is aimed to help companies START, SCALE and SUSTAIN their adoption of Industry 4.0 processes and solutions.


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Siemens Digital Industries, Singapore 

Exhibits In Detail

Product Highlights and Innovations

Boasting a 288sqm booth at ITAP 2019, Siemens will be showcasing awe-inspiring demos from our Hannover Messe event in Germany.  We will be demonstrating specific solutions and examples of how to successfully implement digitalization in your company.   Learn more by booking a Siemens Guided Booth Tour!

Digitalization of the entire value chain

The Digital Enterprise enables companies of every sector to integrate and digitalize their business processes.  Siemens’ holistic approach comprises offerings for product design, production planning or process and plant design, and production engineering or engineering and commissioning.  It also includes automation, production or operation, and services.


Suppliers and logistics can also be integrated, based on a consistent collaboration platform.  Companies can start with digitalization at any step of their value chain, for greenfield and brownfield plants, and based on standardized and open interfaces.


Allow us to bring you through this digital trandformation journey at ITAP 2019.  Book yourself on one of our daily Guided Booth Tours!

Process optimization through Digital Twin over the entire lifecycle

The Digital Enterprise is built around the automatic bi-directional data exchange between automation system and the digital twin in engineering system.  Thus, we help reduce time to market, increase flexibility, quality, efficiency and create competitive value. 


With MindSphere, we furthermore enable our customers to connect their machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world and exploit the advantages of cloud-based data analysis and process optimization.  Based on the customer example of DULUX, the first Digital Paint Plant, Siemens demonstrates how we have already implemented use cases from integrated engineering to integrated operations.


Digital Enterprise for the Process Industries

Digitalization in the Chemical Industry

Maximize Asset Uptime using Big Data Analytics with various Apps such as Control Performance Analytics (CPA), Valve Monitoring, Drive Train Analytics (DTA), Equipment Predictive Analytics (EPA).


Outperform Operations in the Real World by integrated use of Process Management (COMOS), Process Control (SIMATIC PCS 7), Maintenance Management (COMOS MRO), Plant Management (Walk Insight).


Digitalization in Chemical Industries


Digitalization Apps for the Chemical Industry

Digitalization in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Dedicated MES solution for the pharmaceutical industry that enables complete paperless manufacturing and full electronic batch recording. Benefits from going paperless:

  • Save time in engineering and design with the native integration between the control system and MES
  • Improve guidance and control for both manual and automated operations
  • Provide direct access to different business and manufacturing systems to centralize data
  • Drastically reduce review and approval efforts with “Review by Exception”


Out of the Box functionality:

  • Native cloud App for Batch review and release by exception from anywhere
  • Native cloud App for production equipment logbook, easily access from everywhere in the plant
  • Native cloud App for executing eBR missions / instructions sequenced and dispatched by the eBR Engine
  • Biometric Bracelet - easy and secure login and sign on, with double authentication


Digital solutions for the pharmaceutical value chain



Digitalization Apps for the Process Industries

Digitalization presence in the process automation world is breaking boundaries. Digitalization is all about capturing and analyzing data in ways that were previously very difficult or expensive.


Digitalization Apps using real world data to detect and recommend suitable solution for the unseen condition in the process industries through Artificial Intelligence.


Digitalization Apps for the Process Industries

The production of the future will optimize itself continuously

New technologies determine the future of automation.  Digitalization opens up undreamed-of potentials to raise productivity, but also will increase complexity.  To handle this complexity in a digital enterprise it’s crucial to utilize the best of automation, digitalization and IT technologies.


Siemens links the latest technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and digital twins with our deep automation know-how in all industries where we do business.  Our mission is to give holistic answers for digital enterprises that will redefine automation and provide valuable applications to the manufacturing industry.  


These applications will change the way, products come to life, how they will be produced and how they evolve.  Autonomous cyber-physical systems will enable a model-based engineering in a closed loop from the product design to production including feedback from the products’ lifecycle itself.  Engineering efforts will further go down to a minimum. In addition, use cases based on new IT technology, like edge computing or augmented reality will boost productivity to a new level.


Automation for the Digital Enterprise

Advance Manufacturing Transformation Center (AMTC) – The Future is 3D!

Siemens provides market-leading industrial software solutions to fully digitalize production facilities with a specific niche in Additive Manufacturing (AM): from design and engineering software to cutting-edge simulation tools and full machine and shop-floor automation, aimed at machine builders and users.  No other company can offer such a comprehensive portfolio for creating a seamless digital chain, from the initial design to post-processing for any part.


In order to make these technologies visible and accessible in Singapore, Siemens will be opening the AMTC in early 2020. It will showcase state-of-the-art Siemens Digital Enterprise solutions that will enable companies to create a digital twin model to simulate and evaluate its potential advance manufacturing operations in a virtual environment before the actual transition and transformation.


The Center will house Siemens’ first Additive Manufacturing Experience Center (AMEC) outside of Germany, where companies can experience an advance end-to-end additive manufacturing production line with our technology partners.


Additionally, companies will be able to carry out prototyping and low volume production with the support of our on-site AM experts, enabling a smooth transition and transformation to in-house advance manufacturing.


For more information, please email


Additive Manufacturing


Advance Manufacturing Transformation Center (AMTC)

Industry Mall – Order Siemens products online

Industry Mall is Siemens’ online store to the world of automation and drive technology, your gateway to more than 135,000 products and systems with more than 30 million variants. With a few clicks you can easily:  Browse, Order, and Track!


Popular products on Industry Mall:

  • SIMATIC Industrial Automation Systems:  Controllers, I/O Systems
  • SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring systems:  HMI panels, SCADA systems, Industrial PCs
  • SINAMICS Motion Control frequency converters, motors
  • Industrial Communication:  Industrial Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, RUGGEDCOM, switches, RFID...
  • Industrial Controls:  Contactors, soft starters, motor starter protectors, circuit breakers, overload relays, position and safety switches
  • Process control systems SIMATIC PCS 7
  • Process instrumentation:  Pressure, temperature, flow, level, weighing, positioners...
  • SITOP power supply

Visit our dialogue station for exciting offers and prizes exclusive for this event!  You will not regret it.


Industry Mall Singapore

ZerOne.DesIgn – Leadership in Manufacturing: Steering Industry 4.0 Transformation

Organizations and leaders today may not know how to leverage Industry 4.0 compounded by myriad of technologies. 


Siemens’ Digital Industries Manufacturing Design consulting service is specifically geared to develop comprehensive digitalization roadmaps for organizations.  A unique 3-Diemensional approach across the Automation, Software and Process landscapes enables a comprehensive digitalization framework across the entire manufacturing value chain.


Our experts will walk you through the technology enablers of Industry 4.0 and equip you with tools to help you get started on your organization’s journey towards industry 4.0.  Come join us to demystify Industry 4.0 through our unique and customized framework.



TIA Portal V15.1

With the new version of the Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) V15.1, Siemens is extending its engineering framework to include a range of new practical digitalization functions to shorten engineering times.  The main features of the innovations are extension of the application possibilities, expansion of the digitalization portfolio, standardization and higher engineering efficiency:


  • Applications enhanced with high-level language programming, integration of additional drive systems and handling functions
  • Widening of the digitalization portfolio to include OPC UA functionalities and virtual commissioning
  • Standardization and higher engineering efficiency with teamwork, as well as expanded diagnostics of machines and systems

TIA Portal

Virtual Commissioning for Machine Builders

Machine development is usually sequential: Mechanical design, electrical design, and automation are performed one after the other. If a mistake is made anywhere in the development process and isn’t detected, the error costs grow by a factor of ten per phase of development.  Undetected errors can cause expensive damage during commissioning.  If the machine is in operation and requires optimizing or modernizing, the ideal moment for downtime has to be found – naturally, the operator wants to keep downtimes to a minimum.


The alternative is to virtually commission a machine in the TIA Portal.  Based on a digital twin of the new machine, the mechanical design, electrical design, and automation engineering can be performed in parallel.  Simulations and tests uncover faults at an early stage, with the result that real commissioning on site at the customer’s is performed faster and with less risk.  This enables you to reduce the time to market, lower costs, and increase flexibility and productivity.


Commissioning a machine at a customer’s facility is the decisive moment: Are extensive corrections needed, or does everything go as planned?  To reduce the risk and effort associated with the actual commissioning, virtually commissioning the machine using PLCSIM Advanced in the TIA Portal offers an efficient alternative.  This approach even makes it possible to simulate and optimize the interaction between individual components of entire production lines in a virtual environment.


Virtual Commissioning

RUGGEDCOM RX1510 – Compact, cost-efficient and utility grade switches and routers

This compact form factor device is a part of the RX1500 Multi-Service Platform product family. It features modular, field-replaceable, multi-service platforms with integrated security. The RX1510 has two (2) redundant load sharing power modules and four (4) line module slots. The wide range of its operating temperature, -40 °C to +85 °C, versatility and wide selection of power modules and line modules, including an Application Process Engine (APE) to provide a utility-grade processing platform, allows the RX1510 series to be used in a variety of mission-critical applications in harsh environments.


Every network’s infrastructure, operation and therefore its cybersecurity requirements, are unique. The RUGGEDCOM APE1808 with the RX1500 Multi-Service Platform product family offers much-needed flexibility in a fast-changing landscape by becoming the hardware backbone of software solutions for industrial cybersecurity. Coupled with our experienced Professional Services team and field-proven cybersecurity software from external partners, we can design the cybersecurity solution that fits your needs best.



RUGGEDCOM APE1808 – One small box, infinite possibilities for cybersecurity

The RUGGEDCOM APE1808 is the latest utility-grade application processing engine (APE) for the RX1500 Multi-Service Platform, that can run commercially available Siemens and third-party applications, dispensing with the need for an external industrial PC.


It provides a standards-based platform to run advanced cybersecurity applications such as Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and more, from industry leaders in cybersecurity.


The APE1808 can operate from –40 °C to +75°C, making it suitable for mission-critical applications in industries with harsh environments including Electric Power, Oil & Gas, as well as Transportation.



  • Intel quad-core x86_64 architecture
  • 8 GB RAM, 64 GB storage and TPM support
  • Available with Linux or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise
  • Interfaces:
    1x Display port video connector,
    1x micro SD card,
    2x USB 3.0 ports,
    2x Gigabit Ethernet ports



Charter of Trust – for a secure digital world

Siemens and partners signed a joint charter on cybersecurity at the Munich Security Conference 2018.


Siemens and eight partners from industry signed the first joint charter for greater cybersecurity.  Initiated by Siemens, the Charter of Trust calls for binding rules and standards to build trust in cybersecurity and further advance digitalization.



COMOS Plant Engineering Software

How do you turn new digital solutions and data into a real and increasingly crucial asset? Whether chemical, pharmaceutical or oil or gas, whether out-of-the-box maintenance solutions or brownfield enablement: our application-specific solution packages are tailored to your needs. With COMOS, you can increase the performance of your data and create added value.


All plant information is available on a central data platform and can be retrieved and processed at any time. COMOS guarantees maximum transparency, consistency, and currency of data throughout a process plant’s entire lifecycle and allows access from any location.


What's more, the prerequisite for effective plant management is the optimal collaboration and coordination of all disciplines and departments involved in the engineering and operation of a plant. The standardized COMOS data platform gives plant engineers, builders, and operators a seamless flow of project-relevant data throughout the entire plant lifecycle – across all company levels and all phases.




COMOS Portfolio


COMOS Version 10.3


One complete, digital twin for the process industry.


See everything, discover new possibilities, work purposefully – and profit immediately and in the long run.


Experience that moment of knowing – and gain invaluable insights to advance your plant with PlantSight. Regardless of whether you are its site manager, operations manager, engineer, or operator.



SIMIT Simulation

SIMIT enables comprehensive tests of automation projects as well as the virtual commissioning of systems, machines, and processes on a single platform. In addition, the simulation platform can also be used for realistic training environments to train operating personnel.



XHQ Operations Intelligence

XHQ Operations Intelligence solutions provide valuable information and analysis of your entire operation, driving business to achieve new benchmarks and improve productivity.  It delivers insight and facilitates tactical, operational and strategic upstream operations decision-making, for staff in operations, maintenance, engineering, business, and other disciplines. 


XHQ is especially well suited to the process industries, and has been successfully deployed in industries as diverse as refining, oil & gas production, chemicals, mining and minerals processing, power, food & beverage, water treatment, and pharmaceuticals.  You can work from a variety of preconfigured and customized dashboards, or slice and dice your way through data using multi-dimensional analysis, automated data cubes, ranking and alerting, condition monitoring and intelligent drill-down.  XHQ organizes data into a common information model, and puts the information in context.


The cloud-based, open IoT operating system

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects real things to the digital world. 


Every machine and system in your business provides a wealth of data with benefits yet to be fully realized.  MindSphere enables you to transform this data into productive business results.  By connecting your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world, MindSphere provides powerful industrial applications with advanced analytics and digital services to unleash increased productivity and efficiency across your entire business. 


MindSphere is the IoT operating system built as a secure and scalable industrial end to end solution from asset connectivity to unlock your IoT data potential.


MindSphere World – the open community

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to network as many as 26 billion objects by the year 2020 – and that’s just the beginning.  Powerful trends such as Industrie 4.0 and networked driving will further accelerate the growth and diversity of applications.


MindSphere World offers a forum for anyone who wants to use MindSphere to drive and participate in this rapid development – from users to experts to app developers. 


In MindSphere World, companies and research institutions network to jointly shape the future of IoT on the basis of MindSphere.  Together we create value by sharing knowledge, defining standards, and establishing investment security.


Download a MindSphere World Flyer here and see how you can be part of this growing community!



Completely web-based process control system: SIMATIC PSC neo

The process industry currently operates in a very complex environment, and the requirements for its control technology are correspondingly demanding.


SIMATIC PCS neo is the intelligent response to this challenge: a fully web-based process control system with object-oriented data management.


THINK neo.



Room for new perspectives: Process Control System SIMATIC PCS 7

From well-proven to future-proof:  PROFINET


From local to global:  SIMATIC Compact Field Unit (CFU)


From a major all-rounder to compact specialist:  SIMATIC ET 200SP HA



Open Space

Our stage program of ITAP 2019

Open Space – the Siemens stage area in Hall 1 at ITAP 2019 – turns into the meeting place for experts, customers and partner companies.

Speakers from various fields will share their know-how in trend technologies, present their highlight products, and host interviews with customers.  There will also be panel discussions focusing on the influence of digitalization, energy transmission, the future of automation and what the future of work will look like.  The topics will round off an inspiring program at our booth. 


It will be our pleasure to welcome you to our booth (1K12) this year at ITAP 2019.  Register for a FREE Siemens Guest Pass now!


Here, you will find the line-up of topics throughout the 3-day event:

Opening of ITAP
Welcome and Opening: Siemens Open Space
The future of industrial services – from transactional industrial service to service market place 
Claire Ang
Virtual Commissioning – Reality has no reset button 
Danny Tey
MindSphere: Unlocking the true potential of IoT through Connectivity and Data Analytics
Boris Marrone
neo Digitalization – Paving the way to Process Industry 4.0
Jessica Liao
Smart pharma manufacturing using SIMATIC IT eBR – the key to digital success in Pharma
Ranjit Ingole

Siemens MindSphere Partner: Use Case –


Unlocking Business Results with IoT

Paul Albada Jelgersma,
Atos Asia Pacific
Battery design for electric vehicle
David Shak
Advanced Manufacturing Transformation Center (AMTC)
Alexander Lehmann
Siemens User Networking: AMTC
(for Discrete and Process partners and users)
Registration and Collection of badges
Welcome and Opening: Siemens Open Space
The Big Picture – PI technologies driving the industry today and tomorrow
Jorey Guzman

Siemens Technology Partner Presentation – 

The New Dimension of Cybersecurity for ICS 

Doreen Tang & Entoro Wijaya,



Siemens Technology Partner Presentation – 

Digital Innovation at Scale: from Data Chaos to Business Impact

Falkonry Inc., USA
Smart production planning using digital twin

Sumin Jeon

Siemens MindSphere Partner: Use Case – 

Innovative Instrumentation & Process Solutions Success Stories:  Ham-Let Leading flow control products – Industry 4.0 deployment
Yehuda Salhov,
Ham-Let Group

Digitalization in Aquaculture: Use Case

WinterShine Asia, Singapore
Using Block Chain for consumer end to end traceability in the F&B sector
Benedict Lim
Digital Twin for Process Industries
Nataphol Naewthai
Digital Services for Energy Optimization
Anoop Sharma
PCS neo – Process Control for today and tomorrow
Dr Hartmut Klocker
Product Launch with User Networking: PCS neo
(for Process Industries partners and users)
Registration and Collection of badges
Welcome and Opening: Siemens Open Space
From machine to line in record time – thanks to standards (Standardization, OPC-UA, AML, ECAT) 
Bernd Lieberth
Siemens MindSphere Partner: Use Case –

Applications of digital solutions for industrial use cases
Dr T. C. Ramesh,
QuEST Global Services Pte Ltd
Future of Automation – New technologies driving the industry
Marcel Roske
Building a Business with Siemens Global Cloud Practice
Sachin Rathi
Motion Control has never been so easy (T-CPU, KINEMATIC, Robot Integration) 
Sivanu Subbiah
Siemens Technology Partner Presentation –

Cyber Immunity for Industry 4.0
Vikram Kalkat,
Saving time and money with virtual commissioning (MCD, PLC SIM Adv) 
Bernd Lieberth
Digitalization Apps – Applying Digitalization in the Process Industry
Alan Prasetyo Rantelino
Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations
Nataphol Naewthai
Malaysia Customer Day
Adam Yee
Siemens User Networking
Our Partners

Siemens Partner Program in ASEAN

No matter which levers you want to rely on to improve your competitiveness, Siemens supports you in meeting your goals. 


Together with certified and qualified partners, Siemens helps its customers worldwide to meet their diverse requirements in the field of automation and drive technology as well as in power distribution. 


Each partner is a proven expert in their field with excellent product and system expertise in terms of our Siemens portfolio.


Siemens Partner Program

Technology Partners

Find out how our technology partners can help your business with their machine learning solutions for predictive maintenance and more:


Calibrating Industry 4.0 to the Industry Sectors’ Needs

How & Why It Matters

These are the dates and locations for the regional Industrie 4.0 Forum roadshows:

6th August
HCMC, Vietnam
Tindaro Danze
8th August (tentative)
Bangkok, Thailand
Digitalization in the Discrete Industry (Automotive)
Dieter Broeckl
13th August
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
Aquaculture, Process, F&B

- Adam Yee

- Bisheng Liu

15th August
Kuching, Sarawak
Aquaculture, Process, F&B

- Adam Yee

- Bisheng Liu

20th August
Georgetown, Penang
AI – Robotics, Cyber Security

- Adam Yee

- Bisheng Liu

22nd August
Kuala Lumpur

- Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

- Digital Twin for Process Industries*

- Raimund Klein

- Naewthai Nathapol*

29th August

- Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

- Digital Twin for Process Industries*

- Raimund Klein

- Naewthai Nathapol*

News & References

ASEAN Industry News & References

Guided Tour

Siemens Booth Tour

Our friendly expert guides will be glad to host and orientate you around our Siemens booth at ITAP 2019.  The daily Siemens Guided Booth Tours will be held from 2PM–3PM, limited to 30 guests, on a first come, first serve basis.  Register now to save yourself a spot!  For the tour on 22 Oct (TUE), use Event Code "ITAP22OCT"; for 23 Oct (WED), use Event Code "ITAP23OCT"; for 24 Oct (THU), use Event Code "ITAP24OCT".  On the day of your tour, simply approach us at our booth's main information counter (Hall 1, Booth 1K12) before 2PM to collect your headset!  Should you have any queries or require more information about Siemens' participation at ITAP 2019, please feel free to reach out to us at <>.

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