Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference and Exhibition 2018

October 16th – 18th Singapore Expo 
Experience Industrie 4.0 in Southeast Asia

Digital Enterprise – Implement Now!

The digital transformation of the manufacturing and process industries is in full swing.  Companies from a wide variety of industries are already unlocking this potential – they are using end-to-end digitalization to create a lasting competitive edge by reducing the time to market and increasing flexibility, efficiency, and quality.  They are developing new business models and future-oriented forms of cooperation to take advantage of new opportunities to create added value.    The time is ripe for companies of all sizes and from all industries to implement the concept of Industrie 4.0.  Siemens has already established the technical prerequisites for this with our Digital Enterprise solutions portfolio.  It combines our decades of experience in electrification and automation with our domain expertise and the targeted development of software and cloud services. Join us at the Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference and Exhibition from October 16 to 18 at Singapore Expo, and experience for yourself the numerous specific examples of how integrated hardware and software solutions can work together seamlessly along the entire value chain – in line with our motto for the fair, “Digital Enterprise – Implement Now”.  These solutions are for companies that can develop and produce better as well as more quickly, flexibly, efficiently, and reliably.  And for consumers who are able to fulfill their individual wishes affordably, quickly, and with more versatility than ever. This conference is held in conjunction with Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) – a Hannover Messe event. #SiemensDigitalizeSEA #UnlockThePotential #ITAP2018

Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2018 – a Hannover Messe event – is the region’s leading Industry 4.0 event.     

The event is a combination of trade show, conference, workshops, open session learning, networking and business matching – curated for the specific needs of the Asia-Pacific region.  It encompasses the entire value chain from R&D, design, engineering, processes, supply chains, operations, production, warehousing, intra-logistics and distribution.

Companies will learn about Industry 4.0 processes, technologies and how to adopt new business models, enabling them to remain competitive in today’s rapidly changing industrial landscape.

Siemens will present a keynote speech at ITAP's opening day, in addition to exhibiting at Singapore Expo Halls 1 & 2.  The Siemens booth will stretch across Booths M14 & Q18.

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Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference

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Overview of Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference 2018

This User Conference will have multiple tracks that will provide you with insights on digitalizaton in the discrete and process industries: 

  • Industrial Transformation – Future of Manufacturing (Keynote @ ITAP)
  • Digitalization for Small and Medium-sized Businesses
  • Future of Engineering
  • MindSphere Asia-Pacific Summit
  • PLM User Workshop
  • SPACe ASEAN User Conference

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Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference 2018

See what a Digital Enterprise is made of.

To help customers leverage the potentials of Industrie 4.0, Siemens offers a portfolio of solutions that comprises the four core elements of the Digital Enterprise.  With the scalable solutions, companies in the manufacturing and process industries can invest in Industrie 4.0 to become completely and comprehensively digitalized across the entire value chain.

Explore the potential of Digital Enterprise and find out how manufacturing companies in Southeast Asia benefit from Industrie 4.0.

Attend the User Conference that fits you!

Digitalization for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Today’s small and midsize manufacturers face greater challenges than ever: tight deadlines, cost pressures and increasing product complexity make it harder than ever to successfully compete. Increasingly, digital technology plays a crucial role in success or failure – you can either ride the digital wave or be swept aside.

How do you determine which solutions can help your business? What is the impact of the digital transformation on your products and processes? And what is the cost of doing nothing?

Join us at the Digitalization for Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) conference and learn about the challenges and opportunities that come with digital transformation. Explore next generation product design and development tools and technologies, and learn how some early adopters are gaining a competitive edge through digitalization.

Who should attend?

Senior Managers to Engineers

Future of Engineering

Live demonstration of Virtual Commissioning and Engineering Flexibility through automatic code generation.

MindSphere Asia-Pacific Summit

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects your products, plants, systems, and machines, enabling you to harness the wealth of data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) with advanced analytics. Check out – the online hub for developers and users.

Explore your way to digitalization in the world of IoT.

MindSphere Partner Workshop

MindSphere Partner Solution Architect team will provide a detailed technical overview of MindSphere, provide hands on experience on connecting assets and building applications, and solicit feedback on MindSphere.

Developers from MindSphere partners will showcase some examples. Join us and get excited about the new features MindSphere now running on AWS and become comfortable with building applications. Senior MindSphere product managers and solution architects were on hand to share how to use the new APIs, Cloud Foundry and Connectivity. Teams had the opportunity to create some sample applications. Partners joining this event include: Atos, AWS, Drucker, FPT, Eckelmann, Essert and Heitec.

Who should attend?

Digital Tranformation executives, CTOs, IT Businesses starting on their IoT journey, who wish to generate profit using MindSphere based solution, IT managers, executives, and those involve in the Digital Tranformation of their companies.

PLM User Workshop

This workshop brings together PLM users, partners and Siemens PLM employees looking to forge new connections, expand knowledge, and increase expertise.  

Sharing the different phases of Digitalization, through a combination of customer use cases, technical tips & tricks and updates on advance technology.  The workshop aims to provide customers with a holistic platform for digital innovation across both the lifecycle and the enterprise.

Who should attend?

Middle Management to Engineers

SPACe ASEAN User Conference 2018

Now on its 8th year, Siemens users, partners and technology experts from Southeast Asia will once again convene and discuss the latest technological trends, challenges, and share best application practices in the process industry.  Activities include presentations #TechTalk sessions, as well as industry workshops and networking sessions that attendees can choose to participate in according to their specialization and interests.

Who should attend?

Automation & Maintenance Professionals, Process and Operations Management, Senior Level Executives, End-user, Engineering Consultant, EPC Main Contractor, OEM, System Integrator


Petrochemical, Chemical, Biofuel, Oil & gas, Pharmaceutical, Solar, Glass Palm Oil, Cement, Water & Waste Water, and other industries which requires process automation and energy management.

Exhibits in Detail

Product and Technology Highlights

Boasting a 650sqm booth at ITAP 2018, Siemens will be showcasing awe-inspiring demos from our Hannover Messe event in Germany.  We will be demonstrating specific solutions and examples of how to successfully implement digitalization in your company.   Visit us at Booths M14 & Q18!

Process optimization through Digital Twin over the entire lifecycle

The Digital Enterprise is built around the automatic bi-directional data exchange between automation system and the digital twin in engineering system.  Thus we help reduce time to market, increase flexibility, quality, efficiency and create competitive value. 


With MindSphere, we furthermore enable our customers to connect their machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world and exploit the advantages of cloud-based data analysis and process optimization.  Based on the customer example of DULUX, the first Digital Paint Plant, we show how we already implemented use cases from integrated engineering to integrated operations.


Digital Enterprise for the Process Industries

Highest productivity with holistic Digital Twin approach (product, production and performance)

Siemens’ Digital Enterprise Suite is the most comprehensive portfolio of software-based systems and automation technologies for the discrete industry to master their digital transformation across the entire value chain beginning from Product Design and Simulation, Production Planning, Production Engineering, Production Execution and Services including MindSphere. 


Benefits for the customers are shorter development and production times, flexible and fully automated manufacturing concepts with highest level of quality, efficiency in manufacturing processes and highest security standards.


Digital Enterprise for the Discrete Industries

TIA Portal V15

The Totally Integrated Automation Portal (TIA Portal) provides you with unrestricted access to our complete range of digitalized automation services, from digital planning and integrated engineering to transparent operation.


The new version shortens your time to market, for example by means of simulation tools, increases the productivity of your plant through additional diagnostics and energy management functions, and offers you broader flexibility by connecting to the management level.  The new options benefit system integrators and machine builders as well as plant operators.  The TIA Portal is thus your perfect gateway to automation in the Digital Enterprise.  As part of the Digital Enterprise Suite along with PLM and MES, it complements the comprehensive range of offerings from Siemens for companies on their path to Industrie 4.0.


TIA Portal


The intelligent gateway for industrial IoT solutions.


With advancing digitalization, there continues to be steady progress in networking between production and office IT.  Production data is collected and analyzed in the cloud or in the management system to optimize production.  Yet the networking of existing plants represents a major challenge, because equipment from different manufacturers are frequently at different technological levels and often do not speak the same data languages and protocols.  A time-consuming and complex retrofitting to connect both worlds soon becomes necessary.


The SIMATIC IOT2040 standardizes communication between the various data sources, then analyzes and forwards communications to the corresponding recipients is a solution that can be easily implemented.  It makes it possible to implement future-oriented production concepts even for existing plants.


This year, Siemens Digital Factory in Singapore also organized its first intra-school application-based contest, open to tertiary students in Singapore, with the aim of challenging our next generation of engineers to develop practical automation solutions for everyday life using the LOGO! 8 and new SIMATIC IOT2040.  Check out our #FutureMakers with their winning projects at our Siemens booth (M14 & Q18)!



"This Is IoT" 2018 Contest

The cloud-based, open IoT operating system

MindSphere is the cloud-based, open IoT operating system from Siemens that connects real things to the digital world. 


Every machine and system in your business provides a wealth of data with benefits yet to be fully realized.  MindSphere enables you to transform this data into productive business results.  By connecting your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world, MindSphere provides powerful industrial applications with advanced analytics and digital services to unleash increased productivity and efficiency across your entire business. 


MindSphere is the IoT operating system built as a secure and scalable industrial end to end solution from asset connectivity to unlock your IoT data potential.


Charter of Trust – for a secure digital world

Siemens and partners signed a joint charter on cybersecurity at the Munich Security Conference 2018.


Siemens and eight partners from industry signed the first joint charter for greater cybersecurity.  Initiated by Siemens, the Charter of Trust calls for binding rules and standards to build trust in cybersecurity and further advance digitalization.



XHQ Operations Intelligence

XHQ Operations Intelligence solutions provide valuable information and analysis of your entire operation, driving business to achieve new benchmarks and improve productivity.  It delivers insight and facilitates tactical, operational and strategic upstream operations decision-making, for staff in operations, maintenance, engineering, business, and other disciplines. 


XHQ is especially well suited to the process industries, and has been successfully deployed in industries as diverse as refining, oil & gas production, chemicals, mining and minerals processing, power, food & beverage, water treatment, and pharmaceuticals.  You can work from a variety of preconfigured and customized dashboards, or slice and dice your way through data using multi-dimensional analysis, automated data cubes, ranking and alerting, condition monitoring and intelligent drill-down.  XHQ organizes data into a common information model, and puts the information in context.


Room for new perspectives

More flexibility in process automation: expanded opportunities in the smallest of space.

When we developed SIMATIC PCS 7 V9.0, the new version of our proven process control system, we focused on the future-oriented opportunities of digitalization right through to field level.  That’s why we expanded our system solution to include particularly powerful and compact hardware products that support PROFINET, the world-leading industrial Ethernet standard – and allow greater freedom in plant design and operation.



SWYFT – The Industrial Service Gateway of the Future

Connecting customers with industry services partners for a seamless digitalised workflow.


Siemens releases SWYFT, a one-stop industry services platform that breaks the manual workflow structure by connecting customers and service partners, giving full service data transparency, at a touch of a finger.



ZerOne.DesIgn – Leadership in Manufacturing: Steering Industry 4.0 Transformation

Organizations and leaders today may not know how to leverage Industry 4.0 compounded by myriad of technologies. 


Our experts will walk you through the technology enablers of Industry 4.0 and equip you with tools to help you get started on your organization’s journey towards industry 4.0.  Come join us to demystify Industry 4.0 through our unique and customized framework.



Our Partners

Siemens Partner Program in ASEAN

No matter which levers you want to rely on to improve your competitiveness, Siemens supports you in meeting your goals. 


Together with certified and qualified partners, Siemens helps its customers worldwide to meet their diverse requirements in the field of automation and drive technology as well as in power distribution. 


Each partner is a proven expert in their field with excellent product and system expertise in terms of our Siemens portfolio.


Siemens Partner Program


SWTS Pte Ltd  is proud to be both a Solution Partner (Automation Drives) and Approved Partner (Factory Automation) for Siemens in Singapore.


Built on the combined rich heritage of Westinghouse innovative repair technology and Siemens modern technology in advanced industrial engineering solutions and systems packaging, SWTS Pte Ltd, formerly known as Siemens Westinghouse Technical Services Pte Ltd, is a pioneer in the repair industry of industrial equipment.


SWTS Pte Ltd

MindSphere Technology Partners

With MindSphere, Siemens offers a cloud-based, open operating system for the Internet of Things.  MindSphere, being a platform, also provides an IT ecosystem with innovative applications, connectivity elements and digital services. 


Customers and partners can use this range fast and easy or even develop, offer and distribute new applications, services and business models by themselves.


Our partners strive to deliver innovation and efficiency to the growing IoT market.


Learn more about their applications and digital services:


GOLD Sponsors


SPACe Technology Partner

Now on its 8th year, Siemens users, partners and technology experts from Southeast Asia will once again convene and discuss the latest technological trends, challenges, and share best application practices in the process industry.


Join us at the SPACe ASEAN User Conference 2018 and find out how our technology partners can help your plant in the area of Cybersecurity and more:


GOLD Sponsor


Certified Partners ASEAN

When it comes to our partners, we place the highest value on what sets Siemens apart as a whole: expertise, professionalism, and quality.  That is why a core aspect of our Partner Program is continuous education of our entire product portfolio through qualification and certification measures based on uniform global standards.  This ensures our customers and our partners benefit from the same high quality standards across the globe.


Our qualified and certified Solution and Approved Partners are therefore distinguished by their core competencies and superior industry-specific knowledge.

The ideal partner for your task is just a mouse click away:


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