SPACe ASEAN User Conference 2018

in conjunction with Industrial Transformation Asia-Pacific (ITAP) 2018. October 16th – 18th Singapore Expo, Hall 1–2 & MAX Atria (Level 2)
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About the Conference

SPACe ASEAN User Conference 2018

Now on its 8th year, Siemens users, partners and technology experts from Southeast Asia will once again convene and discuss the latest technological trends, challenges, and share best application practices in the process industry.


Activities include presentations, #TechTalk sessions, as well as industry workshops and networking sessions that attendees can choose to participate in according to their specialization and interests.




Singapore Expo

1 Expo Drive

Singapore 486150


16th Oct:

Exhibition Hall 1 & 2


17th Oct:

MAX Atria, Level 2,
Garnet 212 – 213


18th Oct:

MAX Atria, Level 2, 
Garnet 216 – 219 & Topaz 220 – 221



This conference is part of the Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference 2018.



Registration (Badge Collection & Welcome Coffee):

09:00hrs onwards

  • Badge Collection will be at MAX Atria Gallery, Level 1
  • Welcome Coffee will be available at the Siemens Booth (M14 & Q18) at Hall 1 & 2


Start and End Time:

09:30hrs – 18:00hrs



Who Should Attend?


Automation & Maintenance Professionals, Process and Operations Management, Senior Level Executives, End-users, Engineering Consultants, EPC Main Contractors, OEMs, System Integrators.



Petrochemical, Chemical, Biofuel, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Solar, Glass Palm Oil, Cement, Water & Wastewater, and other industries which requires process automation and energy management.



Conference Fee:

These exclusive conference passes are FREE for all registered Siemens guests.


Please note that due to our limited seating capacity, we would therefore encourage all interested participants to sign up in advance to save yourselves a seat for the various conference slots.


Confirmation will be on a first-come, first-served basis.


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*Entrance to the Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference will be at the discretion of the Company.  Siemens reserves the right to amend its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.



Official Hotel:

For ease of transportation, all Siemens overseas delegates are kindly requested to stay at:


Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road
Singapore 228221


Special room rates apply:

SGD 255++ / night for Deluxe Mayfair Room


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Conference Schedule

Paving the way for the future of the Process Industry

Connect and dialogue with key industry leaders on the adoption of Industrie 4.0


Hall 1

10:00am             Opening Ceremony and Welcome Speech by Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister, Singapore

10:30am             ITAP Scholarship Award Presentation Ceremony, MOU Signing & Launch Ceremony for PIPS

10:50am             Industry 4.0 in ASEAN Ministerial Dialogue

                             - Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade & Industry, Singapore
                             - Minister of Industry, Indonesia
                             - Secretary of Trade & Industry, The Philippines
                             - Minister of Industry, Thailand
                             - Minister of Economic Affairs, Malaysia
                             - Minister of Trade & Industry, Vietnam

11:35am             Keynote & Quick-Fire Chat
                             Technological Provocations:  Getting to the Point of No Return

                             - Andrew Ng, VP & Chief Scientist of Baidu
                             - Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera
                             - Adjunct Professor at Stanford University
                             - CEO & Founder of, USA
                               Alternative:  Jensen Huang, Co-Founder, President & CEO, Nvidia, USA

12:05pm             Keynote & Quick-Fire Chat
                             Imperatives for Leadership – Raising the Bar for Governments, Business, Performance & Management

                             - Dr Armin Bruck, Regional CEO, Siemens Pte Ltd


Hall 2

12:30pm             Lunch

Siemens Digital Enterprise User Conference 2018:  Digital Enterprise – Implement Now!

02:00pm             Welcome and Opening Remarks:  Steering Industry 4.0 Transformation with ZerOne.DesIgn
                             - Raimund Klein, Executive Vice-President, Digital Factory and Process Industries & Drives ASEAN, Siemens Pte Ltd

02:30pm             Siemens as Your Partner in this Digital Transformation
                             - Dr Hartmut Klocker, Siemens AG, Germany

03:00pm             Discover Siemens MindSphere Cloud-based, Open IoT Operating System
                             - Sachin Rathi, Director, MindSphere IoT – Ecosystem, Alliances and Partnerships, Siemens Industry Software, Asia-Pacific

03:30pm             ZerOne.DesIgn & SWYFT:  Industry Gateway of the Future
                             - Liu Bisheng, Vice-President, Industry Services ASEAN, Siemens Pte Ltd

04:00pm             XHQ Operations Intelligence – Discover What Secrets Your Data Can Reveal
                             - Tobias Botzenhardt, Vice-President, XHQ, Siemens Industry Software, Asia-Pacific

04:30pm             VIP Networking Session


MAX Atria, Level 2,
Garnet 212 – 213

10:00am             Opening Ceremony & Welcome
                             - Adnan Abdul Rahman, General Manager of Automation and Engineering, Vertical Sub Segment, Siemens Pte Ltd

10:05am             Keynote 1 & Siemens Technological Innovations:  Digitalization in the Process Industry and SIMATIC PCS 7 Roadmap
                             - Dr Hartmut Klocker, Vice-President, Segment Automation & Engineering Systems, Siemens AG, Germany


10:35am             Morning Break

11:00am             Keynote 2:  Digitalization in the Chemical Industry
                             - Kevin P Worrell, Project Director, Dulux Australia
                             - Hung Chan, Operations Manager, Mescada Australia

11:30am             #TechTalk:  Driving Digital Enterprise in Asia-Pacific

12:00pm             Lunch

02:00pm             Keynote 3 by Chairman of SPACe ASEAN User Advisory Board
                             - David Ong, Managing Director, Excel Marco Pte Ltd, Singapore

02:30pm             Advanced Operations of Process Plants Using SIMATIC PCS 7
                             - Thomas Heinzerling, Senior Vice-President, Advanced Operations Services, Linde Group, Malaysia

03:00pm             Afternoon Break

03:30pm             Digitization Made Real
                             - Ben Chew, General Manager, Marketing, SWTS Pte Ltd, Singapore

04:00pm             Maynilad Digitalization Drives in Water and Waste Water Industry
                             - Norbel L Galeon, Head, Automation – Industrial Automation/ITS, Maynilad Water Services, Philippines


04:30pm             Networking Session

There are five simultaneous #TeckTalks available for registration!

MAX Atria, Level 2,
Garnet 216 – 219 & Topaz 220 – 221

TechTalk #1: Process Safety – Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Design & Verification

09:00am - 05:00pm  |  Presenters:  Various

A Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is an independent system composed of sensors, logic solvers (e.g. controllers), and final control elements for the purpose of taking the process to a safe state when pre-determined conditions are violated.

For more than 25 years, Siemens has been a reliable industry partner providing first-class automation solutions for process safety in a wide range of applications, such as, Emergency and Process Shutdown systems (ESD/PSD), Burner Management systems (BMS) and Fire & Gas applications (F&G).

Come join our panel of industry expert speakers for the discussion on the functional safety standard; and the applications and protection of SIS for the process plants.


09:00am             Registration and Welcome Coffee

09:30am             Opening Speech

09:45am             Understanding the Basics of IEC 61511:2016 – Functional Safety for Process Industries
                             - Desmond Lee, CFSE, Managing Director, exida Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

10:30am             Morning Break

11:00am             Introduction to the Basics and Applications of SIMATIC SIS (S7 F-Systems)
                             - Chung Hong Hong, CFSE, Process Safety Consultant, Siemens Pte. Ltd.

12:00pm             Lunch

01:00pm             Comparing OREDA and FMEDA Failure Data for SIL Verification
                             - Desmond Lee


01:30pm             Understanding the Basics of Lightning and Surge Protection for the Process Plants
                             - Darren Poh, Managing Director, DEHN (SEA) Pte. Ltd.

02:30pm             Afternoon Break

03:00pm             Live Demonstration of the SIMATIC SIS (S7 F-Systems + SAFETY MATRIX)
                             - Chung Hong Hong

04:00pm             Panel Q&A

04:30pm             Networking Session

Safety Integrated for Process Automation

TechTalk #2: Strength in CyberSecurity – Holistic Security Concept for Production based on IEC 62443

09:30am - 05:00pm  |  Presenter:  Phillip Taylor

As the level of digitalization increases with the growing networking of machines and industrial plants, so too does the risk of cyber attacks and the importance of comprehensive security concepts for automation applications.  

For critical infrastructure facilities, in particular, the appropriate protective measures are therefore mandatory.  That is why Industrial Security is an essential element of the Digital Enterprise - the Siemens way to Industrie 4.0.  It enables continuously monitored and integrated security as an important basis for industrial automation.

To ensure comprehensive protection of industrial plants from internal and external cyber-attacks, all levels must be protected simultaneously – ranging from the plant management level to the field level and from access control to copy protection.  Therefore, Siemens' approach to comprehensive protection offers defense throughout all levels – “defense in depth”.  This concept is according to the recommendations of ISA99 / IEC 62443 – the leading standard for security in industrial applications.


09:30am             Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00am             - Why do we have to talk about Cybersecurity?
                             - What are the challenges?
                             - Balance between protecting the assets, costs for security and regulations
                             - Security as a cycle
                             - Defense in Depth
                             - Parts of IEC 62443
                             - Protection levels evaluated with security levels and maturity levels
                             - Security functionalities, security processes, protection levels

12:00pm             Lunch

02:00pm             - Introduction to IEC 62443-3-3
                             - Security Lifecycle Certification:  IEC 62443 with Tuev-Sued
                             - IEC 62443 Products -4-2 and Systems -3-3
                             - Explaining our internal Siemens approach
                             - Singapore law:  Newest developments
                             - Open discussion with the audience
                             - Open discussion with customers and their position regarding Cybersecurity
                             - Siemens approach:  Charter of Trust

04:00pm             Networking Session

Industrial Security

TechTalk #3: The Future of Manufacturing in Consumer Good Production

09:30am - 05:00pm  |  Presenters:  Various

Digitalization can start at any point in the value chain.  This is where we focus on specific solutions like how you can reach your goal faster and more flexibly.

Take the first step toward digitalization and create a lasting competitive edge for your company with the scalable solutions from Siemens.  Now is the right time to start – become a digital enterprise and stay ahead of the competition.  With the Digital Enterprise Suite, Siemens provides the technical prerequisites to enable companies of all sizes and from all industries to start the digital transformation right now.


09:30am             Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00am             The Future of Manufacturing – from Standardization to Digitalization

11:15am             The Digital Twin of the Plant

12:00pm             Lunch

01:00pm             The Engineering for Intelligent Production (TIA Portal – Gateway to the Automation in Digital Enterprise)

02:00pm             Technology Trend:  Convergent Modeling and 3D Printing

04:00pm             Networking Session

Digital Enterprise Suite

TechTalk #4: Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operation

09:30am - 05:00pm  |  Presenters:  Various

Intelligent Process Automation is crucial for the competitiveness in the process industry.  With "from integrated engineering to integrated operations" Siemens shows the value of digitalization for your plant and how you can benefit from our comprehensive portfolio, industry expertise and service offering.

Benefit from our comprehensive range and remain competitive with our know-how and our expertise.  We offer diverse services and tools, firstclass products and solutions, which ensure optimum balance facing all challenges in process industry, in all industries/branches.  Increasing plant efficiency and the full use of the digitalization potential are crucial for the digitalization approach:  From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations.


09:30am             Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00am             Integrated Engineering – the next step toward the digital process plant

10:30am             Innovation PCS 7

11:15am             Process Analytical Technology with SIMATIC SIPAT

11:45am             Smart Apps for Process Industries

12:15pm             Lunch

01:00pm             Reality has no reset button

01:45pm             Let’s move to Green with PROFINET

02:30pm             Break

03:00pm             eBR – Maximum production performance

04:00pm             Networking Session

From Integrated Engineering to Integrated Operations

TechTalk #5: Leadership in Manufacturing – Steering Industry 4.0 Transformation

09:30am - 05:00pm  |  Presenter:  Suryanarayana Tumuluri

Technology Trend:  Industry 4.0 is breaking down functional silos in organizations.

Organizations and leaders today may not know how to leverage Industry 4.0 compounded by a myriad of technologies.  This is crucial to developing the necessary capabilities to spearhead the digitalization journey.  Our experts will walk you through the technology enablers of Industry 4.0 and equip you with tools to help you get started on your organization’s journey towards industry 4.0.

Come join us to demystify Industry 4.0 through our unique and customized framework.


09:30am             Registration and Welcome Coffee

10:00am             Organizational View on Digitalization
                             - Global disruptive and game-changing case studies in manufacturing
                             - Need for leadership in digitalization
                             - Greenfield vs Brownfield adoption
                             - Need to look at organization in multiple layers

11:00am             Morning break

11:15am             Digitalization Frameworks
                             - ISA95 model and the view of the future RAMI 4.0
                             - EDBs SSIRI matrix
                             - System level views

12:15pm             Lunch

01:15pm             Technologies
                             - Protocols
                             - Sytems – IoT, MoM, sensor technologies, analytical engines, visualization
                             - Tools to analyzer multiple layers

02:15pm             Afternoon break

02:30pm             Adoption of Digitalization
                             - Customer journey and engagement points
                             - Siemens ZerOne.DesIgn approach
                             - Success stories

03:30pm             Assessment Workshop

04:00pm             Networking Session

Integrating Smart Technologies in the Digital Transformation Journey

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