Racial Harmony Day 2021 Siemens Asean

Celebrating Our Rainbow of Employee Heritage at Siemens 

This Racial Harmony Day, Siemens employees share why having diverse and culturally rich colleagues are fundamental to our success.  

At Siemens, we believe deeply in diversity. Our drive to instil harmony, acceptance, inclusion and respect in every corner of our business has created a culture we are immensely proud of, as we ensure we are celebrating all of our differences, every day.  


On Racial Harmony Day, we felt it fitting to explore what our welcoming environment has meant for our people and their experiences with us, how employees feel valued at Siemens, and why such diverse and culturally rich colleagues are fundamental to our success.  

Here’s what our valued employees all around the world had to say.

Iqbal Noorman

Iqbal Noorman, System Engineer Team Lead, Indonesia

“Our team at Siemens Indonesia is so diverse, and understanding our differences enables us to work together and achieve our targets. This also applies on a bigger scale to working with customers or colleagues from other countries.


I am always welcomed by our global colleagues at Siemens whenever I have a chance to visit them. There is so much understanding amongst us and I have always been free to practice my faith and culture wherever I am. I am very thankful for that."

Bernice Chin

Bernice Chin, IT Controlling Manager, Malaysia

“I believe racial harmony is key to success. Diversity is one of the core values at Siemens and this enables a lot of creativity and innovation. Each individual has something unique to offer with their different experiences and we are all treated equally regardless of background.


Malaysians grow up in a very multiracial and multicultural society. We are deeply rooted in this unique blend, it’s just part of being Malaysian – like we’re tied together with an invisible string.  Throughout the year, Siemens respects all religious festivals, giving us time off to celebrate with our loved ones. 


They also organize a lot of training and activities around cultural awareness. For example, for Malaysia Independence Day, we dressed up in different cultural outfits and decorated the office to demonstrate the united spirits among us.” 

Anton Conradie

Anton Conradie, General Manager & Head of Project and Structured Finance Debt, Singapore

“Growing up in a multicultural environment in South Africa – a diverse country with 11 official languages and an array of different cultures – I became aware of respecting all cultures early on in my career. The rich cultural mix at Siemens Singapore serves as an example to me of how diversity in the workplace stimulates innovation and creativity. 


Siemens does not shy away from celebrating the different beliefs and religions of our employees. It’s a refreshing and safe environment to be in, and I believe this openness supports racial harmony by allowing deeper understanding of different cultures. This also makes us much more rounded human beings, which benefits Siemens and in turn, our work towards a better world.


It was especially enriching to see an article posted on our intranet over Easter, explaining the significance of this holiday for Christians. Recently, some of our immediate team members here in Singapore celebrated Eid al-Fitr and soon they will also celebrate the Eid al-Adha holiday in July and we send them well wishes at this time of utmost importance."

Yuen Huey Goh

Yuen Huey Goh, Manager - Communications, Malaysia

“Personally, I think racial harmony and diversity improves idea generation and innovation. In an inclusive working environment, teamwork and collaboration can thrive and drive a more productive workforce. 


We are empowered to embrace diversity and inclusion at Siemens, just as Malaysians are urged to embrace our country’s cultural richness as a source of strength. At Siemens, we are taught that it’s the individual that counts, not what you look like or where you come from.


Throughout the year, Siemens puts on numerous campaigns and activities that promote learning and acceptance. We have had web-based training on unconscious bias, a diversity campaign, and much more. Also, every year we celebrate Independence Day by asking employees to dress up in cultural costumes to show the spirit of patriotism and unity among Malaysians regardless of differences.”

Dilla Putri

Dilla Putri, Business Administration Sales Professional, Indonesia

"Siemens Indonesia is diverse in nature, with a harmonious working environment. We all respect each other’s cultures, languages and religions. We are encouraged to show off our backgrounds through internal competitions and other initiatives. We are also provided with necessary religious facilities (such as a praying room), and meetings are always scheduled around cultural events or ceremonies whenever possible.  


Racial harmony is the only thing that can unite us. We work comfortably alongside each other at Siemens, without worrying about unequal treatment or inferiority. Racial harmony also builds trust, which plays a major role in strengthening the company.


These two words – unity and trust – are sometimes overlooked, yet exceptionally important at Siemens. They create a safe working environment for us all.”

Kamlesh M Vijayan

Kamlesh M Vijayan, Buyer, Malaysia

"Every culture out there is built on maintaining the history and achievements of our ancestors. I have always been proud of my heritage and realize that what I have is a gift. We uphold the spirit of our Muhibbah (harmony) every day at Siemens by observing and respecting every culture.


Our colleagues here are made up of many races and religions. We celebrate our uniqueness with simple things like a potluck lunch to share traditional foods, or wearing ethnic costumes on national holidays. This diversity has a positive impact on us all."

Lisa Jayanthi

Lisa Jayanthi, IT UX Professional, Indonesia

“Siemens never differentiates between races and cultures. Our differences are seen as the things that make our company grow and become stronger. 


This racial harmony teaches us to adapt and understand all of our colleague’s different habits and ways of thinking. By doing this, we can work together to build a better future for the world and for ‘our’ Siemens.”

Tran Thuy

Tran Thuy, SI logistic Team Leader, Vietnam

"Racial harmony is a very important aspect of the Siemens brand. There is no tolerance for racial discrimination here and we willingly share our knowledge with colleagues all over the world. Professional opportunities are the same for everyone and all employee contributions are equally encouraged and appreciated. It doesn’t matter what colour skin we have, or what our social status is. 


I am so happy Siemens gives me the chance to work with people from different ethnic communities and spread love, empathy and kindness. This helps us to conquer difficulties together and to help fight anti-Asian racism resulting from the COVID pandemic.”

Dr. Christian Greissinger

Dr. Christian Greissinger, General Counsel Lead Country Singapore and and Australia, Singapore

"Racial harmony should be completely normal in the 21st century but, unfortunately, we see on a daily basis that racism still exists. However, I am so happy I never even have to think about racial harmony within Siemens! In this organization, we have colleagues from different nationalities, religions, cultures and colours and we all celebrate and respect our differences.


In fact, diversity is one of the components of our success. Diverse teams always create more ideas, evaluate problems and issues from multiple angles and achieve better results.


Also, I personally learn every day from the variety of cultures across Siemens - it is one of the reasons it is such an attractive employer."

Alison Ang

Alison Ang, Senior Currency Manager, Malaysia

"I have always felt empowered at Siemens because of the great people around me who made me who I am today. I am honored to share my experience and let others know how I built my ‘family’ empire with colleagues around the world. 


There is only one recipe for this: ‘harmony’ in everything we do, understanding each other’s differences and embracing this with an open heart. I believe that appreciating our differences and accepting each other’s views openly creates greater synergy throughout our organization.


During our ASEAN ‘Bundling’ project years ago, we had to bundle functions across countries into a Central Hub. It was indeed very challenging working with different processes and cultures, but our persistence in approaching each country with harmony was key to success, and I gained the trust and respect of colleagues all over the world."

Centrill Leonor

Centrill Leonor, Sales Manager, Digital Industries, Philippines

"Culture is one of the most powerful forces in the world and it is these exact forces that make my stay with Siemens more inclusive and empowered. 


Race or even accent are insulated and at Siemens they haven’t hampered me as an individual. Potential success here at Siemens is limitless, not bound by colour or gender."

Livia Lim

Livia Lim, Factory Automation Sales Specialist, Indonesia

"In itself, the celebration of the Racial Harmony Day by Siemens proves how much cultural diversity is acknowledged and fostered within this company. It also serves as an opportunity to honor the various heritages of each colleague. 


I can always comfortably be myself and stay true to my roots at Siemens. I also feel that being exposed to so many distinct cultures has empowered me to become a better person. In addition, it is wonderful that everyone is given fair treatment and equal opportunity based on merit and performance, and never race, creed or socioeconomic background."

Nicharee Chaiyadecha

Nicharee Chaiyadecha, Corporate Accounting Advisor, Thailand

“I feel like Siemens is a common room where we can all sit together and share our perspectives and cultures. There is always more to learn about diversity with every conversation or meeting we have here.  


To me, one of the reasons Siemens remains such a strong company is that ability to all work together so harmoniously. With all our different races and cultures, we are all encouraged to maintain our own values and respect everyone else’s, while working together.”