Racial Harmony Day 2022 Siemens ASEAN

Embrace Differences, Celebrate Togetherness: Living and Working the Siemens Way

This Racial Harmony Day, we invited some of our team members to reflect on the harmony, equality and empowerment of all employees at Siemens.  

Siemens is a global company and multicultural by nature. In fact, one of the most enjoyable parts of Siemens life is the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. Whether it’s working with our team here in Singapore or collaborating with colleagues from all around the world, being part of Siemens is an enriching and inclusive experience.


Racial Harmony Day is an opportunity for us to continue to celebrate all cultures, accept and respect the differences among us, and appreciate the rich and unique environment our diversity creates.

We invite some of our team members to reflect on the harmony, equality and empowerment of all employees at Siemens:

Shahirah Jamil

Shahirah Jamil – Senior Specialist, Global Business Services 

I love the fact that Siemens really paints a global picture, not only with its position as a global brand, but also with the diversity of its employees. Siemens celebrates every difference among us, be it racial backgrounds or working cultures, and practices inclusion regardless of position, race or nationality. All employees feel that they belong, are included and are appreciated. It’s the same in every Siemens office around the world. That’s why I love working at this company. 


Sascha Stolar

Sascha Stolar – Head of Finance, Smart Infrastructure Regional Solutions & Services ASEAN

I chose Siemens 15 years ago back in Germany because of its global nature. I was excited by the idea of working in an international environment and the opportunities to spend time living and working abroad.


Today I am based in Singapore, leading the ASEAN finance organization for one of Siemens’ businesses. This is the third country Siemens has taken me to. I’ve had the chance to work with people from many different cultures, races and religions, which is a great learning and personal development opportunity. I am proud to work for a company so committed to empowering diverse employees at all levels of the organization.

Marion Domhoever

Marion Domhoever – Senior Solution Consultant, Global Business Services

I joined Siemens more than 20 years ago for a chance to practice foreign languages. Little did I know it would open up the world to me! Not only do Siemens employees get to travel or even relocate to all corners of the world, we can see the whole world represented in our offices. We get to work with people from different backgrounds, and that makes our teams stronger and leads to better outcomes.


Working in intercultural teams not only opens our mind and broadens our horizons, it brings together people with different strengths, which in turn helps to cover all angles of the tasks at hand. Our customers appreciate that and it certainly contributes to our success. 

Lawrence Llorca

Lawrence Llorca – Head of Supply Chain Management ASEAN

In Siemens, I see how colleagues have been empowered with projects and tasks irrespective of their racial backgrounds. We see these in action with various functions being managed by colleagues from different cultures. It starts with respecting each other’s cultures and realizing that the cultural diversity that we work with makes us a stronger team overall. In a merit-based organization, our colleagues succeed regardless of race or culture. Diversity works. This diversity is one reason why I have been enjoying my career with Siemens. As our diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI) program slogan goes – ‘Embrace Differences, Celebrate Togetherness’.

Vinay Varma

Vinay Varma – Head of Information Technology, ASEAN

I grew up in Mumbai which is a city of many languages, cultures and ways of life. This diversity is ingrained in me so I felt at home when I came to Singapore which is also a very multicultural and multiracial society. Siemens is a reflection of that same culture.


Especially now with the increase in virtual collaboration, we work with colleagues across the globe every day and they all bring unique perspectives. Siemens welcomes this. There is unity in our diversity because we are all focused on the same thing: what is good for our customer. I really enjoy working for this company. 

Susha Rubene

Susha Rubene – Business Partner & Admin Assistant, People & Organisation

What I love about working at Siemens is that we emphasize diversity in the workplace and equal rights and opportunities for all. I am happy to be part of a company that is so committed to its Diversity, Equity & Inclusion program and believes in its diversity as a force of creativity.  

Monika Kapsalis

Monika Kapsalis – Regional Controller, Operations, Smart Infrastructure Regional Solutions & Services Middle East/Asia Pacific

The Middle East and Asia Pacific (MA) region of Siemens is incredibly diverse when it comes to cultural, racial and religious backgrounds. Employees from all backgrounds are empowered to perform their roles and exchange their views and opinions. I have learned a lot about different cultures and religions as well as their respective celebrations and festivities, during my time on the MA team.


The experience has helped me develop a better understanding of others and makes me appreciate the need for diversity and representation. Not only does it allow for a more varied and balanced approach to problem solving and innovation – it creates mutual respect and leads to personal growth for each one of us! 

Christian Dirscherl

Christian Dirscherl – Head of Siemens Large Drives ASEAN

I really love working with multicultural and diverse teams because I believe we can all learn and thrive from each other. Siemens has given me the opportunity to work in several different countries, such as the USA, Germany and Singapore, with stakeholders from all over the world. I feel that I extend my cultural knowledge and experience every day simply by interacting with my international colleagues.


After 20 years with Siemens I still enjoy every day here – it is always interesting and enlightening, and never gets boring. I would be happy to go back in time and do it all again!

Rafeah Shafii

Rafeah Shafii – People & Organisation Administrator

I've been with Siemens since 2010 and have always felt a sense of belonging here. I never felt self-conscious about wearing a hijab or that there is any discrimination or judgement at all about different religions, cultures and practices. I am truly grateful to be part of the Siemens family!

Natalie Gand

Natalie Gand – Commercial Apprenticeship ASEAN Program (CAPAP) Graduate Trainee

From day one at Siemens, I’ve always been encouraged to voice any opinion because Siemens promotes individual  growth no matter who you are. Whether it’s language, race or religion, diversity is seen as a powerful tool at Siemens as it allows us to understand things from multiple perspectives and thus helps our business become even stronger. 

Steven Parker

Steven Parker – Head of Centre of Competence ASEAN, Smart Infrastructure, Regional Solutions & Services

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Siemens is working with so many diverse people – in every sense of the word. As a global company, diversity is built into our culture, and we are committed to maintaining an environment that fosters acceptance, inclusion and respect. At Siemens, our diversity is celebrated as a vital component of our success.

Hyeyeon Park

Hyeyeon Park – Solutions Consultant, Global Business Services

My team at Global Business Services supports business from all over the world which gives me a chance to interact with people of various cultures and backgrounds. There is absolutely no discrimination, judgement or bias in evidence in the company, and I love working here because I feel I can truly be myself.

Marcus Hauptmann

Marcus Hauptmann – Head of Service Partner Management ASEAN, Digital Industries

One of the great things about living in Singapore is being exposed to many different cultures. This diversity is also reflected in our team at Siemens and we see it as one of our core values to success. This helps us to constantly learn from each other and to form stronger bonds with colleagues and friends. It is a great environment to work in where we embrace and celebrate our differences.

Naruecha Putithanarak

Naruecha Putithanarak – Communications Professional

The rich cultural mix at Siemens makes all of us much more rounded human beings. We all respect each other’s cultures, languages, and religions and I have never been treated differently by anyone else.


I am immensely proud to be an employee of Siemens and enjoy such a safe working environment that we can call a second home. 

Winnie Chik

Winnie Chik – Head of Talent Acquisition, Employer Branding & Diversity ASEAN

I love that at Siemens we get to celebrate the multicultural differences of our diverse colleagues around us, understand others' perspectives and broaden our own. With more than 30 nationalities in our region, going to work brings a new experience every day!

Gary Neo

Gary Neo – Digital Communications Manager

As a Singaporean, I grew up in a culturally diverse environment – racial harmony is a part of my DNA. Now, being in a regional team at Siemens, I am able to work with team members from different countries and races. Despite being bounded by the borders, we are still as tight as a family and no one is a stranger! Each and every one of us, regardless of race and where we are from, is an asset to the team.


This collaborative environment has enabled me to thrive and motivated me to work harder. I love being part of Siemens. 

We are always proud to be part of Singapore’s culturally diverse and harmonious society. Wishing everybody a happy Racial Harmony Day from our team at Siemens!


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