iwd 2022

Empowering Employees to Break through Gender Bias in Tech

Hear from some of our proud and passionate employees from ASEAN, who tell us how Siemens has given them equal opportunities and supported their progress.

For the diverse and talented employees at Siemens, there are no barriers to success. We don’t see gender at Siemens; we see skill, ambition, power and potential, and we give all of our people equal opportunity to thrive.

Ha Nguyen, Business Development Professional

I’m really proud to be with Siemens. In over six years working here, it has never even crossed my mind that being a woman was a disadvantage – I have been given all the opportunities I deserved.  I want the same treatment for every woman out there in the world. Let’s break the bias.

Centrill Leonor, Country Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

I am so thankful to be part of an organization where gender bias doesn't exist. Siemens is such an inclusive and diverse workplace, where everyone is motivated to strive to reach their goals and we are all listened to, at every level. Everyone is given equal opportunities. 

I can remember having a meeting with my boss early on and being struck by how collaborative it was. I was being really listened to and my capabilities acknowledged, and we stuck to the strategy that I had come up with. 

Justina Yoo, Sales Specialist Manager

Being given a three-year delegation in Germany, I am thankful to my mentor at Siemens who really listened and supported my career ambitions – it wasn’t an opportunity that just fell from the sky (ask and you shall receive but with patience!) I’ve been entrusted with a role in which I get to leave my comfort zone, learn a different culture and way of working, plus the encouragement from my fellow F&B team saying “Du schaffst das! Meaning - You can do this!” This experience has enriched me and to me, that is empowerment.

Mira Aprillia, Commercial Project Manager

Across every job opportunity or development program at Siemens, I have never once found a gender preference mentioned or indicated at all in the candidate description. As a woman, this has made me feel like I can explore all of my capabilities at Siemens and develop my career without any bias at all.

Angelica Medrano, Partner Manager

Siemens has empowered me to break through the gender bias I’ve experienced in the past in my career, by allowing me to proactively take up space and take a seat at the table where I am not afraid to speak up. I’ve also been given many career development opportunities and had amazing leaders support me.

Naruecha Putithanarak, Communications Professional

I believe I am so lucky to be in a professional environment where I am always respected by my colleagues, invited to attend useful training sessions and empowered to manage project initiatives. I'm also learning every day from my many female colleagues who are very creative and detail-oriented. We share our strengths and expertise to help the company succeed.

Shu Ying Tan, Strategy Consultant

Siemens is in a male-dominated industry but as a woman, I have felt no gender bias here. I’m always encouraged to speak up freely and contribute my opinions.

I have full confidence that being a woman at Siemens will never hinder my career and leadership development. I see more and more women taking on leadership and management positions across the company and this has really empowered and motivated me.

Dinh Thi Phuong Thao, Communications Professional

Recently I was offered an opportunity to challenge myself in a new role as a professional communicator, I am very grateful to Siemens, Dr Lai and my colleagues for trusting me and giving me this opportunity to grow. I am highly motivated, and I believe I will achieve more success in my new role.

Diandra Kartika Dewaningsih, Country Security Head

Siemens has always empowered me in my career, making the decision to give me authority and trust, especially in ASEAN. During my four and a half years here, my decisions have been heard and appreciated, even though I’m a woman in a male dominated industry.

Jitranun Aimaugsorn, Business Development - Electrification and Automation

I've never experienced gender inequality or any kind of discrimination at Siemens - in fact, there are a huge number of women in managerial roles in all of the teams I work with. It really inspires me to follow in their footsteps and pursue a successful career at Siemens without any gender barriers. 

Jane Sim, Commodity Manager

The gender diversity culture at Siemens provides equal opportunities for all, as long as you have the confidence and the desire to grab them. I’ve never encountered any gender bias within the company at all – in fact, I have excelled in everything from country to regional roles, and been given so much flexibility, trust and support.

Sri Ram Ganesan, Senior Communications Executive

Siemens embraces diversity and inclusion wholeheartedly, embracing inclusive practices such as hiring women in senior positions and introducing fair promotion opportunities and processes. My superior Sharon is just one example of a powerful woman at Siemens - in fact, 40 percent of Siemens Malaysia's senior management consists of female employees!

Rattida Pongsila, Marketing Manager

Siemens has trained me, as a non-engineer, to understand technical solutions, and I now have the confidence to deal with customers. I am also always treated with respect by everyone here – whoever they are and whatever their role, they all consult with me and support me when needed. Now I want every woman to believe in herself too! 

Sze Sze Choong, Technical Lead Sales Specialist

I joined Siemens as a graduate, and today I am leading a group of experts as a Technical Lead Sales Specialist. Throughout my time here I have been given every opportunity to improve and grow my skill sets (both technical and soft), which has given me the confidence I need to succeed. I’ll grow more confident over time as my journey with Siemens continues.

We are proud to have established such an inclusive culture at Siemens, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Happy International Women’s Day!