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From Sales to Project Management

You’re Never Tied to One Career Path at Siemens

Eryawan Yudha describes his career at Siemens, developing new skills and experiencing the excitement of working in different countries.

I have had the opportunity to work in various sales roles with Siemens all over Asia, and for nearly a year in the Middle East as well.


When I decided to switch tracks and look for a new challenge, I suggested project management to my boss. He moved me into a project manager position in Indonesia (from Turkey, where I was based at the time) and I was trained into the role so I could just step straight into it. This is very typical of the supportive culture here.


I am someone who really loves to try new things, meet new people and learn all about different backgrounds and cultures. Developing my career and exploring new paths while experiencing the excitement of new countries has been a huge benefit of working with Siemens. There are always ups and downs when you move to a new place, but overall, it’s a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone, especially when you have a lot of company support.

Acclimatizing to the middle east

Turkey is such a nice and beautiful country, though out of all my moves, working there was the biggest adjustment. Sometimes when I went to a new country, all I needed to worry about was adapting to the working environment and my new colleagues. But as a salesperson, the customers and market in the Middle East are totally different to Asia and Indonesia. They have different requirements. Culturally, they have different expectations about how they are treated. Their environment is also different – for example, they have very high temperatures, which means you can’t be offering them certain materials you would offer Asian or Indonesian customers.


When serving customers, you have to be sure that they are happy with your service. I had to adapt quite rapidly in Turkey, even my negotiation style! But to me, this was actually all quite exciting – I found it both the biggest highlight and biggest challenge of my time there.

Working in a foreign country is a lot of fun

To others thinking of moving and working somewhere foreign, don’t be afraid! If you’re someone who likes seeing and trying new things, you’ll enjoy so many things, like trying all the new foods (the food in Europe is really nice!). Also, if you’re in Europe, you can travel anywhere easily, which is great. 


Don’t be scared of the challenges either. Yes there will be some tougher moments, but they will improve you in the end. Be up for every challenge and open to every bit of advice, culture and possibility. Just do everything with your heart and have fun!

Siemens is always supporting employee growth and progress

Siemens has really supported my career all along. When I asked for a new challenge as a project manager, they gave it to me and they helped me to develop the skills I needed to do the best job possible. I was even trained directly by my manager for a week when I started.


In Siemens, employees are considered the future of the company, so they want us to have a foundational understanding of everything. I have been in a special management training program throughout my time with the company and have been trained in project management, sales, accounting, customer focus and more. This really helped me a lot when moving departments because I already had the fundamentals. I just had to adapt them to my new role.

Loving being a project manager at Siemens

I love being a project manager and my experience in sales has been very useful. In sales, the main goal is selling – you are focused on the customer and earning revenue. You come to understand customer needs and what the company is targeting in terms of profits and revenue. This means that when you become a project manager, you see things through that perspective and it really drives you to get things done. For instance, you control the factories and timelines, so when a factory says they have a problem, you are so aware of the customer side that you just do everything you can to get them to deliver on time.


Basically, I understand both sides. I understand the factory side and the customer side. I know how important it is to do projects cleanly and on time. I am really lucky to have had the chance to move into this role. I think I am very well suited to it and I enjoy it so much. I am grateful my boss, and Siemens, were so supportive of my desire to try something new – I think it’s working out really well for both of us!


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