Starting a Career: Lessons Learnt & Advice

As a fresh grad, it’s important for you to step up and make the most of your early career.

Controlling Professional Trang Tong believes standing out is key to growing your network and leads to a strong career trajectory.

What skills do you believe are important so you can stand out in a graduate role?

Siemens offers a supportive team environment, perfect for grads starting out. But as a grad, it’s also important for you to step up and make the most of your early career. Standing out is key to growing your network and setting yourself up for a strong career trajectory.


Here are the key ways you can succeed in Siemens’ graduate program.

Say yes to opportunities

Since you are new, say yes to work requests and new opportunities during the first six months. These assignments may be not technically your responsibility, but you will learn a lot along the way by figuring things out by yourself.


See these tasks as opportunities that will provide you with good training and help build your skillset for the future. But also remember to keep track of your key tasks so you don’t get bogged down in your role.

Don't be afraid to ask questions

I used to do things for the first few months without asking for help from my superiors, which meant tasks took more time than necessary and sometimes the results didn’t achieve what was asked of me. So don’t be afraid to ask questions. This doesn’t mean you don’t understand a topic or that you’re incapable. The more you ask the right questions, the more you’ll avoid conflicts later.


For the first few months, you’ll probably know no one — not the decision-makers, supporters or who the consultants will be. Don’t be shy to ask straight away about who can help with different tasks and issues. This will also allow you to build your network.

Take advantage of team support

The best part of moving around and working in a variety of roles with Siemens is the buddy system and our supportive managers. Absorbing their knowledge and skills will help you learn the varied aspects of the job.


My buddy and managers involved me in team activities and helped me out outside of work so that I could cope and adapt as fast as possible in the new environment. Without this support and recognition from management, it would be challenging for a person to integrate well and grow their career.

Starting a career at Siemens

We have a range of programs incorporating many interest areas for new staff. There are standardized programs conducted yearly for learning and development such as the Project Management Program (PM) and the People and Business Management Program (PBM). There are also some customized programs held by each business unit to develop their employees within their own community such as Commercial Exchange programs. Additionally, we have an internal job market with open opportunities for all employees.


We are a well-known international corporation with plenty of opportunities to develop and train staff. The People and Leadership programs are in place to encourage employees to speak up about their goals, especially during the year-end performance review. There are also overseas assignments for employees who wish to take advantage of these opportunities.


If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of beginning your career at Siemens, check out our graduate program.