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Business to Society

What is our contribution to a sustainable future?

Companies often try to see the world through the prism of their own business activities. We took a different approach and started off by identifying and measuring Siemens’ contribution to the things that really matter to Singapore. Rather than viewing the country from the perspective of Siemens and its own operations, we looked inward at Siemens from the perspective of Singapore and its particular social, economic, and political circumstances.

We use our customized Business to Society (B2S) methodology to objectively assess and determine the impact of a specific project, site, business, or of our activities in an entire country. The Siemens B2S approach has been developed to measure and demonstrate our contribution to the sustainable development of a country to our various stakeholders, customers, government, suppliers, employees, and potential recruits, as well as the wider public.

National Priorities & Siemens’ Contribution to the Singapore Economy

What is important for Singapore?

The Siemens Value Map shows our contributions in the following topics: strengthening the economy, developing local jobs and skills, driving innovations, sustaining the environment, and improving quality of life.
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Here’s how Siemens is making real what matters in Singapore
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