Power matters: Smart power distribution enables an efficient, resilient, and safe power supply for buildings, industry, and infrastructure facilities

Smart power distribution

Efficient, resilient, and safe power supply for buildings, industry, and infrastructure
Power matters

The power supply system is the backbone of your company

All sectors need a safe, efficient, and sustainable power supply system: That’s what makes buildings, infrastructure facilities, and industrial companies functional in the first place, optimizes their availability and asset use, and ensures that they can respond swiftly to new requirements – all for the benefit of all users.

The only smart power supply is a sustainable power supply

On the path to a fully electrified world, industry, buildings, and infrastructure need a versatile, perfectly tailored, and flexible power supply. At the same time, it’s becoming increasingly important for us to be more careful with resources and the environment in a world that’s fully electrified and automated. In other words, we need a smart power supply system so that companies throughout all industries no longer view the power supply system solely as a cost factor, but rather as an opportunity to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and be more environmentally friendly.


Siemens is an expert in power distribution and also in industry, buildings, and infrastructure, and it unites this knowledge to create systems that meet the specific requirements of businesses. With smart power distribution, we integrate the power supply system into industry and building automation systems to ensure the expected and required levels of plant resilience, efficiency, and sustainability.

Driven by the IoT

Smart power distribution focuses on a bidirectional flow of data and is supported by IoT-capable platforms. The use of data by cloud-based, automated telemonitoring systems and its accurate collection, visualization, and analysis allows plant operators to respond proactively to challenges. By using digital twins of automation and power systems, they can optimally coordinate all systems and services with each to prevent errors and reduce design, construction, and maintenance costs on a lasting basis.


Discover the integrated smart power distribution portfolio

Smart power distribution comprises an extensive, integrated portfolio of products, solutions, and services for effective, reliable, and safe power distribution in industry, buildings, and infrastructure facilities.
End-to-end power supply solutions

In addition to products, smart electrification also offers a wide range of end-to-end solutions

E-House solutions

Shore connection for berthed ships

Charging the evolution of eMobility

Additional products and services

Our services help you plan and implement your projects from the outset.

Condition Monitoring for devices

Condition Monitoring for switchgear

Distribution Services

Implement projects successfully

Good planning is a guarantee of success for your power supply projects – supported by BIM data and digital twins.

Infrastructure and Industry buildings

Industrial Grid Planning

Distributed Energy System Planning

Support for investments

You can use flexible financing models to finance your power projects and enjoy more room to maneuver in your core business.

Financing infrastructure

Making buildings safe pays off for everyone

Greater data transparency

Take advantage of a new level of data transparency as your foundation for power management and cost savings, and to remain able to function.

Energy Efficiency Analytics

Visualization and diagnostics for medium- and low-voltage switchgear

Power monitoring for low-voltage switchgear

Get the most from your energy

Energy management not only helps you reduce your energy consumption, it also leads to new business models.

Energy monitoring software

Distributed Energy Optimization

Microgrid solutions

Power distribution systems

Our complete portfolio of switchgear, systems, and components, including environmentally friendly Clean Air vacuum switching technology.

Medium-voltage blue GIS

Medium-voltage systems

Low-voltage products and -systems

Flexible power supply

Includes everything you need to connect to the smart grid and make strategic business decisions about procurement or in-house generation.

Protection for digital substations

Distribution Automation

Power Quality

Outdoor systems

Use data regardless of location

Digitalization is the basis for intelligent power distribution – powered by the IoT and the possibilities of cloud computing.

Monitoring app for power distribution

Energy monitoring software app

Power Quality Advisor

Monitoring for transformer substations

Solution overview

Specific solutions for buildings, industry, and infrastructure facilities

Power is important for all players – for buildings, industrial firms, and infrastructure facilities. But every application is unique and places special demands on the power supply system. Discover the solutions that smart power distribution offers for different sectors.


The demands placed on electrification today are as varied as the types of building supplied. For office buildings, hotels, hospitals, and factories, the requirements for quality, reliability, ergonomics, and design are more stringent and more varied than ever before. There’s one factor that all state-of-the-art buildings have in common, however: What makes them smart buildings is a sustainable, safe, energy-efficient, and cost-efficient power supply. With the Smart Power Distribution portfolio, buildings can make a crucial contribution to reducing carbon emissions and operating costs while improving both their performance and resilience.


A reliable and uninterrupted power supply and the highest-quality electricity are crucial for ensuring the productivity and safety of processes in the discrete and process industries. And especially in energy-intensive industries, sustainability and energy-efficiency are becoming increasingly important. Smart power distribution enables industrial companies of all sizes in all sectors to concentrate on their core business and simultaneously benefit from an intelligent power supply that quickly and seamlessly adapts to constantly changing demands.

Infrastructure facilities

Infrastructure facilities need to function: Compromised service or even outages caused by electricity shortages can rapidly lead to major consequences. A guaranteed and uninterrupted power supply is as important to operators as observing regulations and laws and maintaining sustainability and efficiency. Smart power distribution offers optimally tailored solutions for infrastructure facilities of all kinds so they can develop in tandem with growing demands and requirements and give their operators the flexibility they need.

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