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IP Control Center

IP Control Center Firmware Update V4

The firmware update provides secure access to the KNX system visualization. The application modules of the IP Control Center have been extended with important management functions and interfaces as part of firmware V4:


  • Secure access to th KNX system via HTTPS
  • Interfaces to SONOS speakers and Philips HUE for a comprehensive room automation
  • Preventive burglary protection thanks to a presence simulation within the timer function
  • Data point management provides important support with planning the KNX system



Product information

Flexible and intuitive operation of KNX plants

The IP Control Center is a visualization controller of compact design. It features a freely configurable user interface, offering intuitive operation and display of KNX devices. 

Ease of operation thanks to straightforward, full-graphic visualization

Lighting, solar protection, heating, ventilation and air conditioning can be displayed via web-compatible end devices such as PCs, laptops, smart phones or tablets – matched to user profiles with different access authorities. To handle comprehensive building and room functions, up to 1250 KNX objects are available. In addition, there are powerful application modules for scene control, scheduler programs, chart modules, data login, alarm reporting and logic functions for use in connection with central control. These modules can be easily matched to holiday schedules, user needs, occupancy times, etc., and can be changed at any time. 

Web editor for flexible and intuitive engineering

Engineering is straightforward via ETS and the web editor, which is preinstalled for display by any browser. So, no extra software is required. Using the web editor, a wide choice of symbols and operating elements can be arranged per drag-and-drop. The user interface can be configured to meet individual needs by embedding own elements or elements provided by an extensive library. There is a choice of six different styles. 

Easy to use

Take a look at the user interface

The fully graphical user interface ensures intuitive operation. In addition the user interface layout can be customized for each operator unit. It‘s easy to perform a variety of functions from web compatible devices.
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