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Daylight improves the well-being. Therefore, lighting and solar protection are controlled in such a way that as much glare-free daylight as possible is used for lighting in a room. The blinds are automatially adjusted according to the sun‘s position. In addition, constant light level control adds the proper amount of artificial light to ensure the desired brightness is maintained at all times. If rooms are not used, the system switches off lighting depending on presence or time.

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Schalt-Dimmaktor N 525D11

New product: Switch/dim actuator N 525D11

• Control of several electrical ballasts and various functions more convenience


Tunable White offers variable and dynamic color temperature changes to increase well-being and enables Human Centric Lighting applications for a pleasant room atmosphere


Simple commissioning, reliable error message and testing of the installation without ETS

Highest efficiency for perfect places

One room. One sensor.

To turn rooms into perfect places, intelligent devices are needed – like the new presence detectors, which combine five functions for a pleasant atmosphere and energy savings in the room. The new presence detectors capture data on CO2, temperature, humidity and brightness and thus control not only the illumination systems but also ventilation and heating systems. This creates optimal ambient conditions in the space – for maximum comfort and the highest energy-efficiency.

Everything for optimal lighting

Lighting control systems always play an important role when it comes to presenting products or rooms in a favorable light. A fitting mood can be achieved in rooms and spaces by adjusting the brightness of individual lamps. To achieve that mood, universal dimmers are used that enable appealing adjustment of the lighting brightness.

Light-emitting diode lamps – LED for short – are extensively replacing conventional incandescent light bulbs and halogen lamps. At the same time, demand to control the brightness of lighting is simultaneously increasing. Dimming functions in LED lamps focus more on ease and convenience than on energy efficiency. The integrated system electronics can only ensure dimming of LED lamps if the LED is marked as dimmable by the lamp manufacturer. Our products fulfill the requirement to dim all dimmable lamps, and dimmable LED lamps in particular. They allow reliable dimming of even small lamp outputs of just a few watts of power. Despite the low load, the LED definitely dims to complete shut-off.

For more comfort and flexibility, Switching/dimming actuators offer the possibility of adapting the unusual dimming behaviour of LEDs to the dimming behaviour of incandescent lamps. In the ETS, the setting of the dimming curve, i.e. for controlling the brightness in relation to the dimming value, can be parameterised. Lamps can thus be dimmed brighter or darker in the medium dimming range.

KNX and DALI - a strong team

The Digital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI) was introduced in 2004 to replace the classic 1...10 V interface on the market. The manufacturer neutral DALI bus is a system control electronic control gear (ballast or ECG) in lighting technology. International standard IEC 62386 specifies the DALI communication interface. In addition to ECGs, the DALI interface also supports selected sensors. DALI communication allows all DALI devices to be simultaneously controlled with same command (broadcast). When controlled via broadcast, all DALI devices respond as if they were jointly controlled via one 1...10 V interface. A second control method DALI is to assign a DALI device to one of up to 16 groups (group addressing) or to control each individual DALI device (individual addressing).

Efficient automatic lighting control

Presence- and daylight-dependent lighting control is essential for optimum energy efficiency and comfort. The KNX presence detectors control lighting, shading and HVAC systems via up to three independent output channels. Each output channel controls the respective functions individually at the start and end of a movement, whereby the delay times can be set differently. The integrated brightness controllers enable semi-automatic or fully automatic control of up to five luminaire groups for a constant brightness level in the working environment.


The efficient plug-in terminal technology of the DIN rail-mounted devices

The DIN rail-mounted devices from Siemens can be installed in just a few simple steps. Quick mounting on DIN rails, simple wiring with different types of conductors and checking of the KNX connection at the push of a button ensure fast and perfect installation. 


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