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With more than 20 years experience in the B2B business and as one of the core founders of the KNX standard, Siemens is a competent and reliable partner and deliver full support – from initial information and offers to training and technical support during development phases. We know the requirements and challenges of your location and provide you with the flexible and efficient help required. Our B2B portfolio comprises transceivers, certified chipsets, bus interface modules, as well as a range of products delivered in neutral version matching many building control OEM requirements.

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In addition to the presently available B2B offer, other types of products in neutral design or customized versions can be supplied on request. This includes adaptation of the outer appearance of the product as well as changes in the database. Our product range includes actuators for the control of lighting and solar protection, room temperature controllers, sensors, and different types of gateways. All products combine future-oriented design with innovative functions and ensure the highest quality standards worldwide. This way, you benefit from our in-depth technical know-how, based on decades of experience in the field of building management systems.


The TP-UART 2 is the next-generation KNX transceiver. It is digitally compatible with its predecessor so that communication stacks and drivers can be used without modification. Enhanced features unclude efficient stabilized 3.3 V or 5 V power supply and a switchable 20 V power supply with reducable current.

Package: QFN 36

Available current: 50 mA at 3.3 V or 5 V and 25 mA at 20 V


The TP-UART contains the physical coupling to the KNX bus, communication via a standard UART interface. The TP-UART relieves the microcontroller of bit coding and decoding duties and allows coupling to KNX through different microcontrollers.

Package: SOIC 20

Available current: 10 mA at 5 V


The 184-series 78F microcontrollers already contain the BCU 2.5 system software certified to the KNX specifications. In combination with the TP-UART, it is the ideal chipset for fast development of KNX applications.

Package: 64-PIN-TQFP (fine pitch) 7x7 mm

Memory available for the internal application program
Flash / RAM
16 KB / 1,2 KB
48 KB / 5,2 KB

Bus interface modules (BIM)

The BIM M13..-series is the successor to the widely used M11..-series. It consists of the chipset (TP-UART + KNX microcontroller) mounted on a printed crcuit board with all necessary components. The M13..-series provides state-of-the-art flash technology, enabling the application designer to use modern tools and sesulting in shorter development times. The BIM M13..-series contains the BCU 2.5 system software certified to the KNX specifications.

BIM M13..-series
KNX microcontroller
Memory available for the application program
Flash / RAM
BIM M130
8 KB / 200 bytes
BIM M131
16 KB / 1.2 KB
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