Room automation that puts its people at the center

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Creating perfect places

Room automation that puts its people at the center

The heart of every building is the room. As the starting point for creating perfect places, it marks a change in perspective: automation that puts people at the center. Did you know that the rental value of healthy productive buildings is at least six percent higher? Room automation is key for protecting and enhancing the occupants' health as well as increasing productivity at the same time.
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Your room can do more for your health

Healthy and productive spaces are playing a major role in our lifes and nowadays are even more important than ever. So, what exactly can your room do for your health? Well, it boost your well-being and productivity and can help to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria: room sensors, operation units and thermostats can provide a healthy and productive indoor climate:

  • Avoid dry air in the room. The transmission of viruses, bacteria and allergens are highly dependent on indoor humidity, so make sure to keep a level of 40 to 60% relative humidity.
  • Controlled pressure. In rooms with controlled lower air pressure, and where viruses and bacteria exist, the air contamination of neighboring areas can be prevented more effectively.
  • Control ventilation levels. With additional fresh air, the relative number of viral particles in the air volume is reduced and contaminated air is removed more efficiently from the area.


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Rooms as high-value assets

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A room is more than just four walls. Room automation turns it into a space that is healthy, productive and sustainable – and a perfect place for its occupants.

Sick Building Syndrome

Do you know buildings that give you a headache and/or irritation of eyes and throat? Potentially you are experiencing Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). One major cause of SBS is the out gassing from building materials such as carpets, paints or furniture. These gases are summarized as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Recent laws on energy saving require well insulated and draught-proofed buildings to minimize the need for heating and cooling. The resulting air tightness of buildings, however, also keeps the VOC gasses inside, creating SBS among occupants. Humid air as well can indirectly contribute to SBS by promoting the growth of fungi and mold. Besides devaluing the real estate, exposure to mold spores represents a hazardous health risk. Symptoms range from allergic reactions to poisoning by mycotoxins. The number one measure to prevent SBS is proper ventilation. 

Find the right products and applications for room automation

With the right products and applications, you can transform simple rooms into spaces that are healthy, productive and sustainable. To get an overview of the different applications you can choose from, download our application guides.

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As flexible as you need it – our scalable offering

In order to do more, every room needs a different approach. Our room automation portfolio has the right products and solutions for your demands.

The first step to transforming your room into a high value space is our standalone thermostat range. If you want to take your rooms to the next level, our communicative thermostats cover almost every HVAC application and can also be integrated into cloud-based solutions for remote and local operation and monitoring with Synco™ and Desigo™. If you choose Desigo room automation, you get the highest possible degree of flexibility and all the functionalities you need to create high value rooms with integrated lighting and shading solutions.

Engineering and commissioning made easy with ABT Site and ABT Go

Every room automation project starts with engineering. ABT Site is the PC based tool used to configure, download and commission room automation devices. ABT Site uses proven applications and flexible workflows to ensure high performing buildings. Additionally, ABT Go is available for additional on-site efficiency during the commissioning phase. The intuitive app is designed for Android and iOS devices and is optimized for technicians, installers as well as air and water balancers. It makes the commissioning and maintenance of room automation comfortable and easy.


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