Digital Services designed to enhance your building performance

Nowadays, we face increasing pressure to improve buildings performance: tighter budgets, rising operations costs, aging infrastructure and having limited resources or knowledge. Today, 55% of maintenance is reactive, resulting in more costly repairs, downtime, and disruptions that further affect productivity and profitability.


Digitalization enables automation, increases data quality and transparency, and improves the ability to apply advanced technology. The transition from reactive to predictive maintenance transforms traditional buildings into smart buildings, for a more sustainable future.

A properly executed, data-driven digital service program can

  • Reduce time spent reacting to emergencies by 80%​

  • Increase system availability up to 95% ​

  • Reduce equipment breakdown by 70-75% 

By leveraging the power of digital technology and data, you can increase the ability to identify issues earlier, further reduce risk and downtime, increase the life of your systems, and enable even greater efficiencies and savings. You can make better-informed decisions to achieve your unique business goals.

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By applying the right technology your building can utilize existing system data to slash operation costs

Is your building as efficient as it can be? There are many ways you can increase your building’s potential. Unlock the power of data in existing systems to cut operational costs and maximize occupant comfort.

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Digital services drive positive outcomes

We show you how to generate significant savings for reinvestment and create the ideal environment where disruptions are minimized or eliminated.

  • Ensure business continuity
  • Optimize building space
  • Improve system performance
  • Position your building for the future

By using our preventive, predictive and prescriptive services you’ll reduce your operational costs by up to 30%.

  • Extend the lifecycle of your systems
  • Reduce your capital costs
  • Optimize energy use

Your specific plan, designed by our experts, will help you electronically organize, secure and store your documents so they’re available on demand.

  • Reduce cybersecurity risks
  • Improve data governance by 30%
  • Reduce fire and safety risks
  • Stay compliant with regulatory standards

Our services are powered by advanced digital technology, including analytics and IoT to optimize performance.

  • Monitor your systems in real time
  • Operate at peak performance
  • Have 70% to 75% fewer breakdowns
  • Enhance staff productivity by 20% to 25%

Services that keep occupants safe and comfortable allow them to concentrate on what matters most.

  • Invisible building operations
  • Precise environmental control
  • Reduce comfort complaint calls by 25%

Choosing the right technology partner

Driven by the most advanced digital technology, knowledgeable experts, streamlined workflows and world-class delivery, our powerful suite of predictive, artificial intelligence-based Digital Services helps manage your systems and supports you every step of the way.

Innovative approach and portfolio of services to accomplish your goals

From planning a service program aligned with your unique goals, optimizing the technology that you have, using data to improve operations and maintenance, and supporting you along the way, our Digital Services help you achieve measurable results with data-driven reporting and transparency.


Our digital services are powered by Siemens Building Services onsite and cloud-based platforms, our suite of cloud-based applications, and our verified third-party partners’ systems and assets. We collect, integrate, and analyze data from your building to provide real-time transparency into your building’s performance.


Our comprehensive Building Services include building automation, fire safety, mechanical, electrical, energy, security and eMobility. 

Digital maintenance services to keep your building at peak performance

Siemens puts data insights at the heart of its building performance services. It combines people, data and services to deliver superior outcomes and manage progress against improvement targets more efficiently. Leveraging real-time performance data, our integrated team of IT, analysts and smart building experts at our Digital Service Centers work closely with our onsite experts to seamlessly monitor your space 24/7/365, to identify and resolve your issues. 

Tampere University

A new data-driven maintenance model for Tampere University

A Finnish university campus has overhauled its building maintenance thanks to data-driven services from Siemens. SYK developed a maintenance model that creates value for all stakeholders.


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Speak with our experts

From secured remote connectivity to predictive maintenance strategies, our knowledgeable digital service experts can share insights into which service best suits your needs and support you every step of the way.