Product data for BIM and CAD applications

Product data for BIM and CAD applications

BIM and CAD data for building technology

Having easy access to the correct data files is essential to realizing a successful CAD and BIM planning process. 

CAD models at your fingertip

The Siemens BT PARTcommunity* CAD download portal is an online library and offers 2D & 3D CAD models. We deliver data in all CAD formats for over 8500 Siemens buildings products across the building automation and fire safety disciplines. Besides a registration, the tool is available for free.


*CAD Browser has been phased out and replaced by Siemens BT PARTcommunity platform, the new tool.  

Further download possibilities

Depending on your needs, the CAD and BIM data, which is available on Siemens BT PARTcommunity, can be found also on the following platforms: 

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