Digital Twin for facilities and infrastructure

Ecodomus software creates, maintains and visualizes Building Information Modeling (BIM)-based digital building twins, making design and construction data available for building operations and maintenance. The software focuses on improving the ways buildings are managed and retrofitted bringing the value of BIM-based Digital Twin to building owners and occupants for improved design and construction data collection and handover, facility management, operation, and maintenance.


Customers can generate digital replicas of their real buildings and assets, creating a common data environment that integrates BIM, Building Management Systems (BMS), Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Internet of Things (IoT) systems. The solution enables BIM-driven workflows and digital twin-based lifecycle management, complemented by 3D visualization.


The 3D view of facilities in an easy-to-use format for facility managers that links the Asset Information Model (in BIM) with real-time facility operations data acquired by meters and sensors (Building Management Systems, BMS) and facility management (FM) software. This allows for intelligent analysis of a building’s performance and supports better maintenance practices, resulting in significant reductions in labor hours and energy use.

Ecodomus provides:

  • Highly flexible technology that brings together software, data, and operational systems, integrating with facility data management systems.
  • An integrated ‘Single Source of Truth’ database with a visual 3D interface for data collection, analysis, and asset data maintenance over the whole facility lifecycle. 
  • Secure access to the ISO 19650-compliant Common Data Environment (CDE) and good management practice built-in.
  • Support for open information standards, for example COBie IFC.
  • Scalability to support Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data applications.
  • Mobile and web interfaces to support site-based working.
  • Deployment in the Cloud or behind private firewalls.

Ecodomus Portal

Ecodomus software supports dozens of asset-focused workflows: both BIM-driven and traditional. It can be used throughout all lifecycle stages: design, construction, operation & maintenance. Ecodomus Portal can be used as a SaaS version or installed on-premises, behind the firewall. It is a single platform where all functions are closely integrated. Some of the major modules are reviewed below.

Ecodomus Mobile

Native mobile apps on iOS and Android allow accessing BIMs in the field, changing asset attributes, viewing linked documents, creating issues & notifications, filling out e-forms.

Ecodomus Mobile applications are available as native apps on iOS and Android mobile devices, i.e. iPad, iPhone, and other smartphones. Mobile apps are connected to the same server as the Web version making all the field changes instantly visible to the office staff.

Integration & API

Ecodomus web services API enables access to all UI functionality for 3rd party integrations. Open standards like OPC, MQTT, BACnet, etc. are supported as well as proprietary integrations with Maximo, SAP, and other apps. 

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