Sinorix silent extinguishing with Novec 1230 fluid

Protect your data - keep your business alive

Safeguard your data from real dangers like fire and the impact of sound and water with the unique fire protection offering from Siemens.

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Fire protection for server rooms

Keep the heart of your business safe.

If your heart was at risk, you would do anything to protect it. Why do less for the heart of your business: your data? Whether your company is small or large, it’s your data that keeps it alive. Do you have the right protection concept to keep it safe? And not just from virtual threats, but also from dangers like fire and the impact of sound and water on your hard disk drives and electronics? The unique fire protection offering from Siemens keeps the heart of your business safe. You get earliest fire detection and safe, quiet Sinorix Silent Extinguishing, using the clean agent Novec 1230 fluid from 3M. Opt for a comprehensive fire protection concept to ensure business continuity, personal safety and damage mitigation in case of fire.
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Silent Extinguishing Technology

Several years ago the fire protection industry became aware of potential disruptions to magnetic hard disk drives and storage systems during the discharge of gas extinguishing systems. We analyzed the problem and the findings concluded that all currently available magnetic hard disk drives are noise-sensitive. With our intelligent Sinorix Silent Extinguishing Technology, we offer safe and quiet extinguishing for data centers and server rooms. The heart of the technology is the Sinorix Silent Nozzle. The Silent Nozzle and associated measures can prevent noise-induced disruptions to hard disk drives and entire storage systems in data centers and server rooms.


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