Maximize your fire protection with simple migration strategies

fire protection migration strategies

You need a simple approach to maximizing your fire and life safety protection investment while avoiding potential failures, costly downtime, and unscheduled maintenance fees. Learn about Siemens fire phase outs for certain systems & devices and proactively build a migration path you can take advantage of the latest technologies and features — such as improved isolation and survivability.

Our latest migration strategies include connecting fire protection systems to the cloud and ISOtechnology™. As MXL/MXL-IQ legacy components become more difficult and expensive to secure, increasing downtime of the system and maintenance costs, migration will not only be the best option for your customer, but also for you! The longer you wait the more there is at stake, as the likelihood of taking a project out to bid increases. Now is the time to develop a plan with your customers to migrate from MXL / MXL-IQ to Compact or Modular!

Upgrade your MXL system to the latest Siemens technology, and you will have a system fit for the future. A strategic approach, taken in three phases, makes the process simple:

  1. Upgrade to innovative panels while reusing existing assets and devices. Migrate from MXL/ MXL-IQ to Cerberus PRO and Desigo Fire Safety. Migrate your fire panels to the Compact or Modular of either Cerberus PRO or Desigo Fire Safety portfolio. 
  2. Cerberus PRO and Desigo Fire Safety Systems portfolio are a modern, customizable version of FireFinder XLS that offers an alternative to a total system retrofit. Continue to update your Compact and Modular system as your facility needs become more sophisticated.
  3. Replace and expand phased-out detectors – Rely on advanced detection technologies and ensure your system adapts as your facility evolves.

Learn more about our Cerberus PRO and Desigo Fire Safety Portfolios

Capitalize on your previous investments by migrating, rather than fully replacing, your system

Siemens offers flexible modernization plans for your entire fire and life safety protection system. By upgrading, you save 75% as compared to a complete replacement, and take advantage of:

  • New faster & updated technology
  • Limiting liability
  • Eliminate expensive emergency upgrades
  • Customizable service plans

Learn about the latest technologies and features in the Siemens Fire & Life Safety Portfolio 

Ready for the next step?

Since 1992, you have been able to rely on your MXL / MXL-IQ system, and the panel was announced for its phase-out in 2013. If you’re ready for the next step in your migration strategy, contact our team today.