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Using decades of experience in the field of boiler components in close cooperation with reputed customers, Siemens has become a leading global supplier of heating control systems. Leveraging our experience, we have created a sophisticated, matching product portfolio ranging from basic boiler management units to high-end solutions with integrated combustion optimization. This means you will have access to a host of proven, modularly designed systems for almost any application. Partner with Siemens today to create a solution tailored to your specific needs.

Hydrogen – Clean combustion for a green future

Moving towards climate neutrality has become a global goal for the next years. An important measure on the way forward is to shift to renewable energy. Hydrogen is recognized as a leading solution to generate, store and transport energy coming from renewable energy sources.

With a dedicated Hydrogen strategy Europe is committed to increase the emission free production of green Hydrogen via electrolysis, using electricity from renewable sources. The main targeted application fields are industry and mobility. The building sector, however, can use immediately even smaller amounts of Hydrogen that are being fed into the existing gas infrastructure. This enables heating appliances to contribute to decarbonization earlier than this will be possible for industry and mobility.


Siemens offers gas safety devices and flow controls qualified for Hydrogen applications. They work with hydrogen natural gas admixtures up to 50 % (HNG) and pure molecular hydrogen (100 % H2). Siemens also provides flame sensors verified to work in Hydrogen applications. Their spectral sensitivity peak matches perfectly to the Hydrogen light emission spectrum and can be used for Hydrogen admixtures and pure Hydrogen solutions were ionization sensors are no longer usable.

Several internal and external tests have been performed to ensure product safety and reliabilty of the products. The test program included extensive endurance tests, leakage tests and and material investigations.

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