Climatix district heating solution 

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Digitalization as the basis for sustainable heating and cooling

Heat networks play a major role when it comes to decarbonization of heating and cooling of buildings. Climate targets can be achieved and energy can be used both more efficiently and effectively. Decades of experience and close cooperation with renowned customers position Siemens as one of the leading suppliers for components for district heating, cooling substations, and smart automation. The decarbonization potential can be seen very clearly in a few examples. To achieve the EU climate targets by 2030, many large cities in Europe have invested heavily in upgrading their existing heat networks into future-proofed, sustainable heating and cooling networks. Siemens provides smart automation solutions for digitalized heat network substations with a system that is scalable and adaptable to your unique requirements.

District heating: Digitalization takes the lead in decarbonization

How can cities provide a sustainable source of heating? District heating has long been considered a highly promising solution. Digitalization is now giving heating networks an extra efficiency boost: Swedish firm Cetetherm has developed a smart solution to save power costs for property owners and help heating suppliers optimize their networks.

“Its design meant we could easily integrate Climatix IC into our own cloud system. Its user interface is also quite friendly, so we didn’t need to create our own interface. Our collaboration demonstrates that Climatix IC is an important part of the new energy ecosystem.”
Patrick Isacson, Cetetherm AB, Sweden 
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Climatix IC – remote servicing system


Climatix IC is an intelligent remote monitoring and fault diagnostics tool that allows you to collect and evaluate your equipment data efficiently using leading IoT analytics tools. With Climatix IC, OEMs can gain a decisive advantage in HVAC equipment management and become leaders in digital services.


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Climatix - HVAC control solution

Climatix is a complete solution that uses the latest, most innovative technologies to enable cost-effective and efficient control of HVAC equipment. A comprehensive range of controllers means OEMs can find the right Climatix solution for any type of HVAC application. Climatix controllers are flexible, digital and customer centric. 

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Valves and actuators


With Acvatix valves and actuators fulfill any control and hydronic requirement associated with the generation, distribution and consumption of heating and cooling.


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The Symaro sensors offer precise measurements for room and duct applications throughout the entire lifecycle.

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A precise acquisition and allocation of the energy consumption of heating, cooling and radiators is not a problem in office buildings and residential areas with our meters.

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